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First off a response to a comment made yesterday in my post Fly me to your Skybox . I was asked by Lucy, how big the skybox was, what size land it would need, and how to get it into the sky. So I thought that rather than just reply in the comment, I would make it the start of this post.

Being generous with a floor prim, it would be 24 by 19 metres. Because of the L shape of the build, it does not fit on a 512 plot of land, but means you only need the next size up – which I assume is 1024, it has been a long time since I checked parcels. If you are renting from someone, on a residential sim, they would be able to advise. The build does not come with a rezzer, and it is coalesced, so you need to rez while in edit mode. This is an old school way of doing it, and there will probably be a thousand people that will say there are easier, and I hope they do, but here is what I would have done, before I had sim wide platforms in my sky.

Rez a prim and make it the size above 24 x 19 and flatten it. Make sure while on the ground that it fits inside your land allotment. That no parts of it are hanging over the sides etc. Then rez a cube in the middle and link the two pieces together  ( Edit and select both prims and then use the link button in edit) Then sit on the cube. Go into edit on the prim you are sitting on, and go to the second page of edit (object tab) and the first set of numbers on the left (position) where it says Z that is your height. Make that number the height you want to be in the sky. The higher you are, sometimes can effect scripts and the way things rez, so don’t go crazy ( about 1000 ish may suit).

When you change the numbers you and the prims should be instantly sent to that height. you can see at the top of your screen the altitude you are now at. Stand, and make sure your feet are firmly planted on the floor 🙂 . Go into edit on your prim, and then go to your inventory and drag the skybox to the floor, then move and rotate it as needed to fit on the prim you have made, this way making sure that you will not go over your land available. Once you have it where you want it, you can then look at the check boxes in object tab and choose LOCKED, this will make sure you can’t accidentally delete it. Then you remove the prims you rode up on and you have your new home, once inside of it, you can make a LM or set to home by using the world tab, and making this your home location.

Lucy I hope that helped, and that you get a chance to really enjoy your new home 🙂

Now another little lesson. This was something to do with the outfit I am wearing in todays post. With MY Ao – and yes with aos being so different and hundreds of options, and thousands of poses, sometimes clothing moves differently person to person. My Ao tends to breathe a lot and my shoulders were pushing out of the dress completely. I had a look at the alpha, and it was not high enough. Now I could have IM’d the creator and waited for a response, and maybe a change, or I could have not worn it, or I could just practice what I preach 😀 and make my own new alpha. So I chose that option. I did an alpha making tutorial a while ago, HERE. So I jumped into PS and after four tries I got a good balance of alpha coverage. The alpha layer for the dress was mod, so I added my upper to it, and saved and voila, no more poking through…

Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com .


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