Tanking it – Collabor88


Newport Beach 1

Newport Beach 2

When I was in the U.S the first time, I was lucky enough to spend a majority of the time in Boston. I love Boston, I could live there happily for the remainder of my days. One day we went to my families holiday house, and it was a beach house much like the one featured in todays post. It was so beautiful, even more so as it was right on the waters edge, not the beach side, but the lake side. The area was so amazing, one thin road separated the two…it was breathtaking.

The Newport Beach House – that is at this months Collabor88 by Trompe Loeil – is laid out so that you can do a lot of entertaining. An L shaped living area at the front of the house, allows you to split it up into a chill area,for listening to music on your scarlet apple record play – also a collabor88 item – which is just so rustic and cute. Then you have the plush seating area, where you can enjoy coffee and a chat with friends or colleagues. Then to business with the other side of the room, that makes space for a desk area, and possibly some low shelving for books. Mind you, with all the windows, I would be way distracted all the time – lucky the whole house comes with the option to close the windows from peeping toms and to give you some privacy also.

Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com .



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