Fly me to your skybox – Collabor88

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Skyboxes are one of those things in SL, that are like the ‘and eating it too”, you know. They give you an illusion of space, and can be whatever you want them to be. If you have ever lived on mainland, they were a necessity for the most part, because back in the old days, who could even conceive of living on the ground – unless of course you had the money to afford a large plot of land. But even that didn’t ensure you weren’t back0-ended by some gaudy, loud mess of a structure. That is not to say that all mainland was that obnoxious, there were some great spaces even older, but with the 512 plot land grabs of 06/07 things got ugly lol.

I went skywards back on my parcel once for a few weeks, because I was between sims, and had had my mainland 512 since my first few months  here, because its free with premium…I still have it. I was high in the sky and free from all the ugly, and then someone smacked a club right next to me. They could have had any height, but no, had to be the exact same height as mine….seriously. That wasn’t that big a deal, but then they started shouting, winning things noises, and all sorts of stuff, so my friend – evil genius that he is – scripted a responder, so for everytime it screamed in my houses direction, the scripted prim would scream back about monkeys and tv…it was hilarious, but I removed it after a few hours of guilt. I was between sims as I said, so honestly I didn’t much care what happened there.

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