Happy Birthday FaMESHed and a Tinting Lesson


Happy Birthday to Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, Happy Birthday to Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu , Happy Birrrthday Dear FaMESSSSSHHHHHHHHEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, Haaaaaapppyyyy Birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy To Yoooooooooooooou. Ok seriously I really did sing it, to make sure I knew where to elongate and stuff. It has definitely been a year to celebrate, as FaMESHed has grown into one of the biggest monthly event on the grid, and congratulations to Cracked Mirror, all that have been part of it, from the beginning and to the current organisers and everyone else involved.

Before I go on about the delights that are part of the FaMESHed celebrations, lets talk shoes for a moment. Mon Tissu has released the NEW Daley T-Strap Heels, and they are a cute mix of in the now fashion wise, with a definite retro influence. They come in some solid and a great selection of two tone colours, which mean you will have lots of fun creating looks to go with them. These are their first feet in shoes style, and I wanted to do this tinting guideline a month ago, but then things got way busy so it was put off, but timing has its moments, and this works out well.

Tinting feet/hands/boobs, that have a join that is not covered with a strap, or some other kind of styling item, often come with BLENDER SOCKS or BLENDER GLOVES….now these items are ever so useful, because the idea is that you match them to your mesh/sculpt items and they transtion into the skin. Now the thing is that often people try to match their attachments first, and then tint the layers to match, that works too, but I find it much easier the opposite way, and you may too.

* Wear Blender sock or glove closest to your tone, or lighter than ( they are usually numbered or named to correspond with preset tones on the HUDs of that item) 

* Go into edit clothing on the item, you can right click in your inventory and choose edit that way.

* Open the tint option and click on the colour editing rainbow with your mouse…rule of thumb is that most skin tones live on the left side, so there is no reason to go anywhere else unless wearing a fantasy skin. 

* Keep trying to find the tone and use the darker and lighter slider if you need to, until your BLENDER layer blends with your skin.

* Once you have the match, look at either the RGB numbers on the HSL numbers on the left side of the tinting pop up, and copy them down, either on a piece of paper :O or type them down. 

* SAVE by Clicking OK and then Save to get out of editing mode on your layers.

* One your HUD you will see either RGB or HSL buttons, or depending on your HUD type, it might have a chat command. In the case of these shoes it has both HSL and RGB. You can toggle between. 

* Make sure you click on the same preset as the colour of BLENDER you used.

* Then using the numbers you wrote/typed down, input those using buttons or chat. 

Voila, you should be matched (this will always depend on what kind of windlight you are using, and also can depend on having atmospheric shaders turned on for the best results. But this is how you use the blender socks/gloves to your advantage )

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An Aria

Aria 1

Aria 3

Aria 2

League has been working on this NEW skin for the past few months. I did get a sneak peak a month or so ago and have been waiting excitedly for its release ever since. The full release is not going to be this week, but a partial “Special Edition” preview will be, and the skin is just marvelous. There is often a collective sigh when it comes to good black skins being more available on the grid, and there are mixed reactions when they are made available, it is a hard thing to get right, so many steer clear of them. Thankfully League hasn’t. Aria comes in three tones, and has the cleavage layers, nail covers, hairbases, including an afro version base – shown in the first pic. I can see this skin not only being great for girls that have been looking for a good black skin, as well as designers who want to add a little diversity to their vendor ads. There is an Aria shape, but I went with mine, so that you can see how it works on features you are familiar with…definitely take her for a spin yourself, because she is beautiful. The new tones will also have appliers available to purchase for SLink hands and feet, as well as lolas, so look for those in the appliers section when the release is announced….

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August Rush






First some announcements. Erratic is having a huge sale 50% off at their NEW main-store, so be sure to check that out. Then there are some new changes to SL, first off with particles and then some AO changes… this is scripty kind of info, and you can read more about it on the Nalates Things & Stuff blog HERE. Hair Fair Designer Applications are open now, and will be up until 31st of March, don’t delay on getting those in. Another bit of news, this is outside of Second Life, but a wonderful project by the talented Maddox Dupont of KMADD…he has started a website for health and well-being called Benevolent Ways, so if you are into good things, and treating yourself right, make sure and check it out.

Now onto the post. The skin I am wearing is a Skin Fair release Vanina, by Anymore skins. The skin is lovely, and comes with different facial features. The first being freckles, then teeth and then an open mouth option that allows for you to wear prim teeth and actually have some shading for an opening (not shown). They all come with freckles options, and cleavage on and regular shading options. The skin is very lovely and a great default go to skin, so demo demo demo.  You get a better look at the body with the pics of the new Jolie lingerie by Izzies. This is a stunning lingerie set, with many layers and you can wear with or without the garters option.

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Fierce – Skin Fair 2013


Nuuna Brows

Kati Fair

When you get to Skin Fair 2013 – which opened today – and you will, there is a Must Have in the form of tattoo layers. In past fairs, I have purchased from Nuuna’s the tribal like face tattoos, and just love them. These eyebrow tattoos blew me away. I love the fun, and fierceness of them, how much they totally add to a look. They really show how much eyebrows play an important role in expressing our feelings, the ones towards the end made me look like I was about to burst into tears. You get 22 brows in the set and the price is fabulous, so make sure you check them out, there are demos, so you can play around with them, and some even look funna wearing two at once.

Now the other Nuuna’s item is the Kati Skin. This skin is not only beautiful, and an incredible price, but has so many options I could have been at it all night. You get the skin with and without cleavage, with no brows. Now that is my only wish for this skin is that there was a skin base with brows already on, because with all the tattoo layers I was running out of layers. But you get black brows, tintable brows and eyelashes on layers. Then you have many blush options, that are also tintable, as you can see in the last pic I made one black. Then you get a great choice of lipsticks, only some shown, and those incredible smokey eyes. Then there are three different eyeliners, and on top of that you get the Lola’s skin appliers included as well. HUGE amount of goodies, and the skin is just beautiful.

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All Laced Up

Leather 1

Leather 2

Leather 3

Lace 1

Dayglo 1

Loft 1

Loft 2

Loft 3

Loft 4

Loft 5

Leather HUD

Lace HUD

DayGlo Fatpack HUD

Sneak peaks are funna. This is the soon to be released for League item, that will be a feature at Whore Couture Fair that is about to begin in a few days. The list of designers is huge, you can see it HERE. One thing I always love is a great corset, and these new ones by League are greater than great, they are divine. Not only are they beautiful and unique in style, but they also have options that give you many ways to wear them, and definitely make them a must have item. You will be able to wear them casually as I did in the firts pics, more adventurous, girly like, or with a club vibe…whatever takes your fancy, they will work.

I have taken pics of the HUDs as well, as the three styles have different options. First off the leather, they come with the straps down, one up one down, or sleeveless. Then you have all the studs options metal wise, as well as off. LOVE THAT !  Then there is the Lace version, which only comes in three colours at the moment, but I am sure there will be bigger releases on those and the dayglo after the event. The Lace version is more detailed than the leather. The options with the sleeves is the same, but with the added bonus of black trim, or brown trim, or no trim. Then there is the different boning options in both trim colours, or no boning at all. Then also the studs or no studs etc.

Then you have the Dayglo, which is also only three colours so far, but the bonus if you buy the three in one pack, is that the sleeves will change to the other colours, so that is even more options wise…these are gorgeous, and in all three variations, I adore the uneven bottom, and the straps are just gorgeous and alluring. The other item being released is the ADD-ON skirt. This beautiful silky skirt comes in many colours, and fits perfectly under the corset, to make either a contrast look, or an all in one dress. There is also a hud for the skirts that lets you change them from clean to dirty, which is really like an ombre look at the bottom. You will be able to see all that in the demos I would expect, but definitely mark your calendars for the day the fair opens, because it is going to be HUGE…

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There are no Jones’s only you


Sadie Expressions

Sadie Default Options

Sadie Add On Lipstick Packs

Sadie Add On Eye Packs

Sadie Add On Blush Packs

It is New Head time, with the about to be released Sadie by LOGO – be sure to join their subscriber so you can be first to know of the release time. Not only is there a new face, but so many new features this time around. First off the big excitement is the NEW Expressions. That is right, not only do you have the ones from last time, but a few others have been added, as well as a very incredible ability to use the upper and lower of each expression separately. So if you like the eyes from one, but the mouth of another, you can click those areas on the hud, and they will change for you….BRILLIANT!

I did a pic of all expressions as they come, as well as my favourite upper and lower combination on the larger pic in the mix. When I was little I thought that Hope from Days of Our Lives was so beautiful, and still do, but she had this awesome skill of raising one eyebrow at things she was suspicious of, or when Beau was being naughty. I used to try so hard to do that in RL, and now I can do it in SL.

The HUD is now much larger, because it also has the hair bases, and everything else going lengthwise along the hud. When it is minimised it is on the far left of your screen. Now please note, if you wear any other HUDs on that side of your screen, the invisible size of the LOGO Hud may be sitting over the top of your existing ones, so even though you cannot see it overlapping, your other huds may appear not to work, just go into edit and move them out of the way, or of course detach…

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Flapping like a chicken should – Collabor88








First off a response to a comment made yesterday in my post Fly me to your Skybox . I was asked by Lucy, how big the skybox was, what size land it would need, and how to get it into the sky. So I thought that rather than just reply in the comment, I would make it the start of this post.

Being generous with a floor prim, it would be 24 by 19 metres. Because of the L shape of the build, it does not fit on a 512 plot of land, but means you only need the next size up – which I assume is 1024, it has been a long time since I checked parcels. If you are renting from someone, on a residential sim, they would be able to advise. The build does not come with a rezzer, and it is coalesced, so you need to rez while in edit mode. This is an old school way of doing it, and there will probably be a thousand people that will say there are easier, and I hope they do, but here is what I would have done, before I had sim wide platforms in my sky.

Rez a prim and make it the size above 24 x 19 and flatten it. Make sure while on the ground that it fits inside your land allotment. That no parts of it are hanging over the sides etc. Then rez a cube in the middle and link the two pieces together  ( Edit and select both prims and then use the link button in edit) Then sit on the cube. Go into edit on the prim you are sitting on, and go to the second page of edit (object tab) and the first set of numbers on the left (position) where it says Z that is your height. Make that number the height you want to be in the sky. The higher you are, sometimes can effect scripts and the way things rez, so don’t go crazy ( about 1000 ish may suit).

When you change the numbers you and the prims should be instantly sent to that height. you can see at the top of your screen the altitude you are now at. Stand, and make sure your feet are firmly planted on the floor 🙂 . Go into edit on your prim, and then go to your inventory and drag the skybox to the floor, then move and rotate it as needed to fit on the prim you have made, this way making sure that you will not go over your land available. Once you have it where you want it, you can then look at the check boxes in object tab and choose LOCKED, this will make sure you can’t accidentally delete it. Then you remove the prims you rode up on and you have your new home, once inside of it, you can make a LM or set to home by using the world tab, and making this your home location.

Lucy I hope that helped, and that you get a chance to really enjoy your new home 🙂

Now another little lesson. This was something to do with the outfit I am wearing in todays post. With MY Ao – and yes with aos being so different and hundreds of options, and thousands of poses, sometimes clothing moves differently person to person. My Ao tends to breathe a lot and my shoulders were pushing out of the dress completely. I had a look at the alpha, and it was not high enough. Now I could have IM’d the creator and waited for a response, and maybe a change, or I could have not worn it, or I could just practice what I preach 😀 and make my own new alpha. So I chose that option. I did an alpha making tutorial a while ago, HERE. So I jumped into PS and after four tries I got a good balance of alpha coverage. The alpha layer for the dress was mod, so I added my upper to it, and saved and voila, no more poking through…

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Twiggette – Vintage Fair, My Attic/August

Mod 1s

Mod 2s

Mod 3s

Only a few days left of Vintage Fair 2012, and it has been a wonderful event. So many truly inspired takes on the whole concept of vintage, from all different time periods which has been really cool to see. The dress I am featuring in this post is the Printed Shift Dress by Ison, they did an amazing release for this event. Three stunning dresses, and footwear, all with a very 60′s influence, and the styles would have any lover of that era chomping at the bit to get their bodies draped in such beautiful pieces…I know I was.

The shift dress is a delight print wise and colour combination wise, and while normally I would rock out some white boots for this kind of look, this softer tan colour just brought out the beautiful creamy tones in each dress colour combination. I have taken the pics in the third of the WinxBoxes released for My Attic @ The Deck/August, this is the Stirred WinxBox and has texture change everything, this is my favourite of the three released, because it has both the very Mod 60′s influence to it, but also the colours and ‘racing stripes’ give it a fun Music Video kind of feel, you need to try it to see what I mean…

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and the winner is Sydney


I have been to Adelaide, and I probably daydreamed there. I was 13 so it is highly probably, plus I was like crushing a little bit on a boy while I was there, so yeah chances are pretty high that there was a lot of daydreaming done. But then I returned to Sydney, where the days are funna and the dreams are longer…and the men are HOTTER! – here I am representing again, but at least this time I actually live here lol.

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Taut and Terrific

Hye Glam

You know those days when you log in and then hours later you realise you haven’t moved on step, because your IMs didn’t stop since you arrived. Today was another one of those days, and while I absolutely love the interaction, sometimes I wonder where the day went, and why it went so fast.

I really do love IM’s though, almost as much as I love in person avatar to avatar conversations. Nothing is more fun than being out and about and running into people you know, or know of, and partaking in a chatter that can end up incredibly fun and informative. Whimsy and I run around all over the place, and for a while there, we would run into all sorts of wonderful people and just congregate in a chatting circle. So if you ever see us around in world, please don’t ever hesitate to say hi.

Today I was playing around with shadows, did a fun shot earlier in the day that I left on flickr only, just because I was wearing everything you have already seen in the last two days posts, but if you want to go look here is the link. All of my pics go to my flickr, all you have to do is click them, and it also leads you to bigger versions of the same pics, so that I don’t use up all the bandwidth on the feeds. Later this afternoon I jumped on my stand and did some studio shadow shots though, much easier to deal with, you should have followed Whimsy around earlier like I did, every time she would set up a shot someone would walk right in front of her, thank goodness for de-rendering – if an avatar is in your way, or there are just too many people around, just right click on them and then choose the derender option. Not too sure if it is on all viewers or not, but it is definitely on the Firestorm viewer and a great bonus.

Anyway back to me and my shadows – la di da sings – I used a curtain texture as a backdrop and have to say, it really ended up like those Glamour Shots people used to pay to get done at studios in RL. Now not too sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but seeing as the items I am wearing are fabulous, I am going with GREAT THING.

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