Laced & Hutched

Laced Up


My first post of the year, it seems like I was slacking I am sure, but alas no cable for the first few weeks of the year. Huge clumps of Sydney were down, and my area was the worst apparently. If anyone in SL works for my service provider, I apologise for the screaming. I should probably apologise to my neighbors as well , there was so much rage. The first thing I did when I logged in, was rez the NEW Maitreya item from Collabor88, ripped open the boxes to find the lace overlay of the vintage lace gown…hoping that it was as I knew it would be. To my delight it was, a separate piece, that meant I could wear it exactly how I wanted to, with the couture leggings, and this great bra from Faenzo. Then to top it off the vintage posture collar, also by Maitreya.

Because the stunning piece is lace, it does mean its loaded with alpha channels, so do make sure you wear a hairstyle that is non rigged, or above the shoulders, so it doesn’t cut into the dress. Another item I could not wait to wear, the Volta shoes by League…now you need to just run over to League right now, regardless of what you like, because she is having a HUGE 50% OFF Sale – not all the newer items are included in the sale, but honestly you could do some real damage with all the older items as well.

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