* About Blogging

I never wanted one of these, but lately it’s seemed a bit more necessary than in the past. Also I ramble so this will be long.

First off I do not like the word review, yes I have been blogging on and off for a while and to some the word review has become a bit too scary, so I just try not to use it when I can get away with it. I have always said I ’showcase/feature/insert whatever’ items or just plain and simply ‘blog’ them.

Whether they be items I have purchased or been sent by stores the same effort and passion goes into each post, I do say which is which generally when writing the post itself, but that is more in just the way I write than a specific this is a ‘Given to me to Blog’ format.

If you want me to blog your content, then I generally ask for some personal contact, I find it really off putting when a store I have never heard of throws inventory at me and doesn’t IM me to even say ‘Hi’ or to just make sure that I do in fact accept items from unknown to me designers…I am human, I kind of need that ‘Hi’ I do understand that many designers are shy and feel a bit overwhelmed sending out items to be blogged, but you will find that just like you, bloggers are regular people to.

One thing many people have come to know about me also , is that I am “the Opinionator”, scary but true, it is my worst habit . If you are wanting me to blog your items you are going to have to also be prepared for me jumping into your IM box and declaring different thoughts about not just your product sent but all kinds of things.

Whether it be my belief you should have your store name on all items not just the folder, to me begging you to consider making things on all layers and even splitting layered look items into individual layers (yes that has happened many times too). These things are just my opinions though, what you do with those opinions is up to you :P.

Another bad habit I also have is that I believe totally in the creativity of all, and never imagine for a second that a mistake I may find is something you left that way. I have too much experience RL and Phils Place (also doesn’t call SL SL ) to not know first hand that things aren’t always caught in the production process.

So if I find a mistake in an item I will IM you to let you know, not to criticise , and if you tell me you know and didn’t bother to fix it I will be personally disappointed (that’ just how I am, I expect you to care about your content and the customer as much as I do).

If you are genuinely surprised and plan on fixing it I will wait for the new version to do the post, as I do not want to send people to your store via my blog to get an item that isn’t the best it can be.

Everyone grows in Phils Place as a designer, content gets better the longer you do it for , that is not the kind of thing that I mean, I am talking more about things having actual mistakes in them, if a side seam isn’t exactly lined up front to back that is not something I go nuts over , especially with prints, many do , but in RL you cannot produce product that precise as it cuts into production costs etc.

So those kinds of things can be overlooked. I am also human and sometimes a pose or an angle I use hides these things from me too , and if that happens then I am genuinely sorry I missed it for you and the customer.

If I do contact you and you do say that you will fix it and I don’t hear from you again (this has happened a few times recently) then I will have to delete the items and leave it at that.

I cannot put a time limit on when something will be posted, I apologise for that but I work in Phils Place full time 7 days a week sometimes up to and exceeding 20 hours at a time, I also can’t promise that everything will get posted on in the order it is given, I have a ginormous inventory, and all sent items get put in one ‘To Blog” folder. That folder then puts the folders in whatever order they fall, I always plan to try and get everything blogged asap, but many things in Phils Place take up my time and blogging is not my number one priority (some days it can be though to catch up) I hope that that changes soon after other commitments settle down, so you never know what can happen. But again I am human.

Again with that human thing , sometimes you may have sent me something to blog , and see an item released well after you sent it, and I may just blog it, PLEASE do not take that badly, sometimes it is a case of it going perfectly with other things I want to show, or it might just be one of those days that I myself need to feel or look a particular way and want the luxury of just blogging that item that day because I want to.

Ok I think I got out all that explains what I am about. So now if you still want me to blog your stores content there are a few ways to go about it.

Folders: Please name folders TO BLOG – contents- Store Name , yes my inventory needs that help.

Example : To Blog – Some stuff – A Store

Starting the folder name with To Blog may just make my life easier 😛 but it will also stand out more for me. Please do not send me boxes loose as my objects folder is a mess and if my preferences for some reason are set to name and not date they will get lost, and I would be so upset to find your product months later and think you thought I just didn’t want to blog it.

The folder can of course contain boxes thats fine I can unpack them and put the items back in the original folder with ease.

A current landmark is preferable but not a must do as I can search for your store easily enough from properties and make my own slurl.

NOTE WELL : If I look you up by name and go to your picks to look for your store and don’t find it EXPECT an IM about that , it is your store, and picks are a free way to provide customers with a direct teleport to your locations USE IT !

If I do end up regularly blogging your store though, please let me know if you up and move locations as I tend to save the slurls to text doc.

Ok I can’t think of anything more at the moment and I hope that you read it all and didn’t think it was too full on, it is just better to know up front what you are in for lol.

Sasy Scarborough

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