I want Candy


Raving 2

Flair set 37

So today I was met with a forest of trees and a picnic, but not because it was all romantic, just Whimsy and her rezzing things in my way thing she does. It was a good morning though, got a lot of stuff done, had a great big chat with Gogo and some others in plurk about contacting designers, and so on and so forth. I am actually about to play a game of Scarlet Blade with Whimsy and Mel right now, but I just had to get this post up and away, because it was so much fun to dress up this way…brought back some crazy memories.

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Have you seen LuLu?




Flair set 88

First of all a heads up that on the 7th the Hair Fair Photo Contest will begin. You can find all the information on that, and the rules HERE. I cannot wait to see all your exciting entries…there is a huge prize pool, and the theme is fun fun fun.

I love hair, hair was my first passion in Second Life, I spent every cent I earned on hair, buying sometimes half a dozen styles a day, and back then hair was slim pickings stores wise, so you had to get your fix whenever you could. None of these releases every week or two, back then it could be months between, and you would totally jones for a fix… yes I agree, I have watched way too many cop shows lately. But it was honestly brutal, I would go nuts roaming around Second Life trying to find new hair to wear, back then swapping outfits and hair was a four times a day minimum habit, and I didn’t even blog yet….

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Shorty What What


set 82 Flair

One of the great things about mesh clothing, is we now have the ability to wear shorts in cuter, more stylish ways. These shorts by Tee*fy that are at Collabor88 this month are just adorable, the two tone colours, the edging on the bottoms, and the lovely bow tied waist…make them perfect shorts to wear whether casually, or with purpose. Because they are higher waisted, it was a bit tricky finding something to wear up top, but the other item at c88 by Tee*fy is this glorious blouse with the divine frilly detailing down the front.

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set 69 by Flair

I was lucky enough this morning to get a sneak peak of the lovely NEW foot add on jewellery, by Adam n Eve creator Sachi Vixen. They are rigged mesh, and come with 6 metals in a texture change HUD, and 12 birthstones are available to purchase. ATTENTION MEN OF SL! I personally think these will be wonderful presents for the women in your life, as they are very personal with the birthstones, and just really lovely to wear and show off your beautiful Slink Bare Feet. I will wear them again in the future for sure, and I am definitely going to be romping around the grid barefoot and jewelled up for sure.

Also NEW the Aria skins that I did a preview post on the other week, are now available in full release in the League store. The skins are beautiful with their full make up range, as well as appliers available for the feet, hands and breasts. They come in three tones, with the fatpack of all three tones available at a huge savings, so if you are on the look out for a darker skin in a few different tones, definitely check out the big pack as an option.

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Cloud Nine

Cloude Nine


Flair - set 58 Avatar Enhanced Appliers

First off, a reminder that Hair Fair Bloggers Day Applications are now up and running…so HERE is the information post on that. The application is just for Bloggers Day entry, there are no bloggers packs sent through the group or anything like that, it is just so that you can get all the info and lay of the land in advance so that your readers can know about the event, and come and help Hair Fair 2013 help Wigs for Kids.

Clouds are an amazing thing to watch, even in Second Life I find myself staring at them for a while just watching them move so beautifully across the sky. It gives us this feeling of reality in a virtual world, and the other day I liked the colours of the sky so much I grabbed a snapshot, that I ended up using as my background for todays post.

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Better on Top



Workers Clutch

Vivian Vibrant and Colour

Vivian Solid

ColorMe House of Fox HUD

57.1 57.2 60.1 60.2

I have mentioned in the past how much I love a good hybrid, the mixing of system layers and mesh, to really add extra versatility to an item. This Basic Maxi dress is a fantastic example of that, and you will want as many as you can get your hands on, the style, the colours – the appliers – it all works.  I wanted to show how it can go from a casual daytime look, to a dressier night out style with a few simple items added to the look.

With the help of the lovely mesh denim jacket from Emery that is at this months FaMESHed, the combination mixed with the system layer upper portion of the dress is perfect. Adding a few bits and pieces of your favourite jewellery would add a lot of flavour to the look, but I settled for simple today. I was never into denim jackets when they were a big thing in the 80’s but one of my friends was obsessed, and after wearing this one by Emery, I can understand the attraction after all this time. The sunbrella which is a C88 event item by Yummy, is adorable, and thankfully mod also, seeing as it was a bit oversized to start with, but I made it a little smaller.

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Girly Gotcha


SySy’s has been creating some lovely items of late, and this great Switch skirt is just another must have item. The switch skirt is at My Attic, and you get both lengths included, the pencil and the mini, which is a great idea and so versatile. With the beautiful colours of leathers, it is a wonderful mix and match item. I teamed it up with an array of tops, and because of its low slung waist, it fits under everything I have tried and more…

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Wow what a ton of activity in Second Life yesterday, it first started with the release of two NEW hairstyles by LeLutka, and I am wearing one of them called Bouffant in this post. The style is a stunning big hair look, with separate attachments for the base and tresses, so you can resize the base if needed. You also get the lovely pearl tiara included, and I was playing around with other headbands I have worn recently and they fit well, like the studded one from Pididdle and the Bow one from Remarkable Oblivion.

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Honey Giraffes and Chocolate Possums



I had no idea it has been so many days since I have blogged, and I almost forgot how I do things layout wise. I have been overly addicted to making nails for the NEW Avatar Enhanced appliers for the Slink hands and feet, and I think when you are on a creative roll, you have to go with it. It is funny setting up a Flair store on my own sim, I always feel like I am wasting prims when using them for myself.  The nails have been great fun, and I have even set out a Gift set, so I hope you will drop by for a visit and grab those, it is a great way to test the system, and they all come with both feet and hands huds.

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Sheer Delight


JD Cruel Colours

JD Cruel Wedge

JD Cruel Wedge 2


JD Cruel Lace

JD Cruel HUD

Elyse 1

Elyse 2

I always feel like I am sending coded love messages when I wear Exile Hair, the names which are usually always songs, when written altogether often seem to be a whole story. All three styles today are just lovely when it comes to showing off the beautiful new dress from Zaara. This dress has a prints pack and a plains pack, but honestly I see nothing plain about them. The dress is a delight, and I would even go so far as to say that the white would be wedding worthy under the right setting. Bare foot on the beach with just your closest of friends on some tropical island, oh look theres one just a sim or two over —-> hee hee. We really do not suffer for great tropical locations in Second Life….

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