Rock on Plaid!


I was doing my thing, and then got the oppurtunity to spend time talking with Cajsa and Whimsy, which is always a nice change from just listening to myself hum. I tend to hum a lot, I don’t remember ever doing it before, but since quiting smoking 5 years ago, it is all I seem to do. Sachi says it is because I am happy, but I think it is just to keep my mouth occupied between talking.

When Mina sent us this NEW hair from My Attic we all just dropped everything to rave about its awesomeness. For me this is a truly levelled up moment, but also such a wonderful modern take on a classic look, I love it. It has a great mix of Rock-a-Billy with a Punk edgyness to it. That is why the plaid was just perfect, the skirt is wonderful and part of the Tres Blah release for C88. I was so happy to find that the top that Lacuna released for My Attic fits it perfectly….


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A Printsess

Tutti Printsess

I totally stole Whimsy’s blog post look today. I was just arriving home and saw her in the lovely Tutti Frutti dress that is at My Attic. I love the looks of these dresses, and Whimsy has styled it up a treat, you can see it HERE on her website. One of the reasons for the theme for this edition, is because of the designers we have that are just such wonderful users of prints, and bold patterns. One of those is of course Tutti Frutti.

Whimsy is wearing the Prints version of the dress, and I am wearing the Printsess version – Yay for Mels made up word. I love the wrap around style, and it is such a lovely look for anytime of the day or night. Wearing the yellow, made it a must to wear some fantastic shoes I picked up on one of mine and Whimsy’s shopping sprees. They are the most glorious add ons for the High feet in this amazing style and fantastic colouring. The ankle straps are studded and chunky and you can make them silver or gold with the hud….


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Peek a Boo

Gerzzo 1

Gerzzo 4

Gerzzo 3

Gerzzo 2

When I was little, I really loved watching ‘Land of the Giants” it was so cool a show, and then of course the ‘Honey I shrunk the Kids” movies were also a lot of fun. For some reason, when I saw these gorgeous retro pieces by The Loft @ C88 were modify, it was with excitement that I was able to resize them and play my own little setting of fun.

In RL I have a table and chairs similar to these, my chairs are orange and my table top is yellow, but I just could not resist the pink and black options of these sets. The texture work on these are perfect, glossy and well detailed, then of course the modeling of the mesh is up to the level you can always expect from The Loft. I really was glad that making them so big didn’t lose any of that detailing…..


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The post I did earlier today was actually a picture I took yesterday, so apparently I had more photos in me for today. I saw this dress on Marketplace and just fell for it, and the fact that the whole store is on sale for 50L just made it even more exciting to share.

I was dressed and ready, knew the hair, the shoes, and knew I needed a cross necklace – no clue why of course, but it just was what I wanted – so to Mandala I went, well the MP page, as I was there anyway. Now this dress is a little bit of a cheat, by that I mean that it is a model for one type of dress, that was textured in a way to not show the other model attributes. So with that being said, you will need to be careful of water or other alpha like things. But it was easy enough to shoot, and I just love the style so much….


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Dorothy Did Dots


My Attic has started another edition, and the theme is Pin-Ups, Prints and Printsesses. The theme actually came about because of Mel, as I had the prints part and then needed something more, as we have so many great creators in My Attic that are really wonderful at creating rich textures that really make an outfit pop.

I love what has come of this session and being able to mix and match with some great Collabor88 items was a bonus, as their theme is currently Milkshakes and Turntables, so you have a wonderful array of vintage goodness….


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Cake Day

Cake Day 1

Cake Day 2


I got sent a tester applier set from Sachi Vixen of Adam n Eve today, and well I could not resist using it in my post, she is not going to be able to change it now, I am just that mean. It is a make up applier for the Taliya skins she released for the Slink Visage mesh head, and this is how gorgeous it is on Emma.

A few weeks ago Whimsy and I went to Seasons Story Event, which I mentioned, and she posted here. She has the luck of the rare that girl, were as I play just to have a turn and then I am happy with what I get, but she got this amazing tram, and lots of other goodies. It felt like the perfect setting for some Collabor88 items that are with the theme Milkshakes and Turntables…..


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Taliya 2

Taliya 1

The other day when I was on the hunt for my dress, I came across so randomly the most eyecatching and truly beautiful accessory. It is this Atlantis headpiece by Remarkable Oblivion, and it had to be mine instantly. It took all my willpower to not wear it immediately, but I wanted it to be special, and what better way to show it off, than with this remarkable New skin by Adam n Eve.

Taliya is one of four skins in the upcoming and current releases by Sachi Vixen of Adam n Eve. I have been teasing you with Simone the last few posts, but Taliya is actually in the store now. It is a made for the Slink Visage Mesh Head skin, with beautiful face and appliers that not only change the face, but the brow options, give you open and closed eyelid effects, as well as moles, freckles or sunkissed options for the face….


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What’s Up Doc



If you are old like me, 8 years last week to be exact, then DE Designs has been a store that you have visited many times. Like me you may have also gazed in awe of the sneak peak vendor backgrounds that Doc used to post to let you know something was coming, and the work that went into them was amazing. So, so talented.

There have been a few items over the years that were stand out items for me, and this newish dress from DE is one of my latest. The dress is sleek, beautifully modeled, and has a stunning profile…gorgeous texture work and now not only comes in standard sizing, but also fitted mesh as an option. If you are looking for a really striking dress, this and many of the other releases recently done by DE….

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Pene for your thoughts


SySy has completely distracted me this morning with Eurovision, which so far has been pretty decent, more good than awful lol. But I really love the flag stuff they do before they go on, it is so wonderful. Maybe you will be able to pull it up on YouTube or somewhere if you haven’t seen it yet…I am watching it here.

I logged in today to much excitement as Collabor88 has opened its doors for another round. The theme which was a surprise to me, is “Milkshakes and Turntables” now being a huge Grease fan, this hair just instantly made me think of Frenchie, and then I got to also see the inspiration for it, which was a layout done with Penelope Cruz, hence the name. I also didn’t realise until today that Penelope and Lana Del Ray have a very similar look, so I can see her rocking out this fabulous LeLutka do as well….


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Hair Fair 2014 Designer Application NOW OPEN

Make sure if you have not applied yet, and you are a Hair Creator, that you get your application in as soon as possible, as applications close tomorrow.

Hair Fair Second Life

Hair Fair 2014 Join Us Banner

This year we have decided to do the application process in a form, rather than email. Also rather than a huge list of do’s and don’t all in one long, endless passage, we have broken it up with the form, so that you can answer each area, and understand what is expected of your participation in this event.

Hair Fair 2014 will start on the 12th of July 2014. Set up will be by Midnight of the 9th of July. This is a Charity Based event, collecting donations for Wigs for Kids, the Charity of Choice for Hair Fair 2014. Please read each section of this form carefully, as by agreeing to the terms you are committed to them. If you have any questions, or need help understand the form in any way, please contact Sasy Scarborough or Whimsy Winx.

You must be an established Hair Store to apply for…

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