The post I did earlier today was actually a picture I took yesterday, so apparently I had more photos in me for today. I saw this dress on Marketplace and just fell for it, and the fact that the whole store is on sale for 50L just made it even more exciting to share.

I was dressed and ready, knew the hair, the shoes, and knew I needed a cross necklace – no clue why of course, but it just was what I wanted – so to Mandala I went, well the MP page, as I was there anyway. Now this dress is a little bit of a cheat, by that I mean that it is a model for one type of dress, that was textured in a way to not show the other model attributes. So with that being said, you will need to be careful of water or other alpha like things. But it was easy enough to shoot, and I just love the style so much….


Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com .



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