Soft Serve

Soft Serve

I often wonder what would happen if I just did a credits only blog post. We joke all the time about it, how people would assume that there was more being said by me not talking, than if I was to talk, because I generally talk so much. I wonder about that, if people that do read my blog would be surprised if I just suddenly had no words, would you ?

I was hopping around today and came across this store on marketplace, Amiable. I really wanted to see if they had more than their MP listings though, because you can never really tell if someone keeps their marketplace up to date or not, without visiting in world on occasion, or being up to date with their released through subscribo’s or group notices. I also wanted to see if this divine dress had any more options, as I was sold on the white, but I was still trying to choose between it and some of the florals.

The white won me over though, as there is a need for this style of dress in all white, that every girly girl needs in her life. There is alpha loading in the dress, and even though my hair is long and rigged at the front, be aware that the alpha in the hair will mess with the alpha in the sleeves – I photoshopped mine – but you can just wear different hair, because the dress is just that beautiful, but pay attention when demoing….


Click HERE to read more at .


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