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I love that most of the items at My Attic this round looked like they were all one set, but actually broke into wearable pieces in their own right. One such item is the gorgeous Maxi Dress 2 piece sets from Girl Thursday. You can actually see Whimsy with the top of the dress in the same colour HERE. The belt on the skirt and the way it sits, is just perfect for this sensational top from Tulip. Honestly that store kits you out from head to toe, when there a month or so ago, I was lucky to get out without picking up the whole store. The front of the top is just beautiful, but the back is WOWZA!

I also love that the colour matches perfectly with the Toronto heels from Essenz, another of the stunning sets of Slink Add-ons that they have created, and this brown is just lovely. They come in 6 colours the shoes, and if it is your style of shoe, then check out the fatpack pricing.

The Arcade is starting on Sunday, and all of SL is a Twitter, and a Plurk and a Facebook with chatter about it. The hair I am wearing today is the LA version of London to LA by Exile, and both styles are just too perfect as updo’s that can be both casual or glamorous. If you have not seen the shopping list for The Arcade this round you are going to need to start selling things and maybe even cash in a 401K or two ( I don’t really know what a 401K is, but they say it a lot on TV ) The collections are superb, and this time around I am going to be hitting machines harder than I have ever done in the past, because there is just so much want and need and needing to want and wanting to need.

I am super excited about the Nylon Oufitters collection, because I have recently purchased three items from her RL selection on Society6 and they are coming soon to my RL and I cannot wait. One of the items is actually in world with The Arcade items, it is the most awesome artwork, and I am so excited that I will be able to have it in both worlds. If you have not shopped her Society6 store for yourself, then do so for others, because I cannot imagine anyone anywhere not wanting something from this selection as a gift, I chose totebags as my purchases, but there are cushions, art prints, phonecases and so many more options, I think I am going to have to get a clock as well.

Nylon Pinkney on Society6


Click HERE to read more at .


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