Coral above the Sea


Today is the last day of Fashion For Life, and Cajsa and her team have done an incredible job, the builds, the stores and just the overall wellbeing. It has been a great group of chatters in there, so nice and excited leading up to and during the event, lovely to see. You can visit my store, and SySy’s who is on the same sim, as well as all the great stores surrounding us.

I went shopping at TLC the other day, Whimsy and I were in heaven, Bali heaven. She bought a resort, and I made myself a cozy little escape on our studio roof. I love this furniture by Junk, it is fantastic, the colours, the style, and that its mod, just made me so happy. The candle is smaller when purchased, but with some modification it became beautiful oversized lanterns. Also seeing as I rezzed three benches and the throw and cushion are not texture change, I was able to select face and tint those manually, to give them a little less samey samey look….


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