Fashion for Life 2014


Sasy and SySy
Unless you have been under a rock you are well aware of Fashion For Life being in full swing. It is an amazing event, the builds are fabulous, and the fantastic Cajsa Lilliehook and her team have put this wonderful Chariy event together. Unlike previous years, the donation collections have changed. Now every item in every booth is a donation item. So whatever you purchase a percentage will go to the American Cancer Society, so now is the time to get your shopping on, as it is not only NEW items, but the stores also have some of their favourite items from their stores, so you can grab items you may have been wanting and helping a charity at the same time.

I have a booth there on the Trek sim, and the whole build on that sim is aeroplane themed, and very cool. I am actually on a sim crossing border, so once you leave me, you get to enter an amazing jungle build. Wanderlust is the theme of the whole event, and I just loved going on a tour through all the different themed sims. Lots of great photo ops, and make sure you check out all the sponsors booths, because they make sure that the event can happen by paying for a huge chunk of the sims.

It was so hard to not just burst into love for the NEW The Skinnery skin that I have on today, but I controlled myself for two whole paragraphs, because Fashion For Life is a MUST get too and soon for everyone. For a start it is a perfect skin for those wanting a little bit more ethnicity in their look, but astounding how it can look so different on different people. You will see that when you look at the snapshot of SySy and I, she came over after I told her it was out, and we are wearing the exact same tone, and yet look nothing alike. I love that about these heads. I am wearing the Slink Visage Emma head and of course so is SySy……


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