Dear Mr Humble


1.not proud or arrogant; modest: to be humble although successful.

By name only I feel that you will take what I have to say on board. Isn’t that in itself interesting? that because of your last name, I automatically assume you are of course ‘Humble”, and would be open to what I, Sasy Scarborough, have to say.
I am worried about the future of Second Life “Residents” we were all and have been all considered Residents in all our years of Second Life, but now due to the so called ‘ new and improved ‘ sign up for Second Life, everyone is a Resident by default, and by name also.


1. a person who resides in a place.

Which has us at reside – a person who dwells permanently or for a considerable time: She resides at 15 Maple Street.

From my understanding, and how I have addressed myself and others I know, a resident is someone that has made Second Life something important to them, a Second Life from their first, somewhere they come to to enrich their other life. So how can you be a resident before even walking in the door? But that isn’t actually my concern, my concern is what you are taking away from possible new residents, as well as adding to what you were so concerned was too stressful.

A Resident will never age:

I have a friend, you all know of called Whimsy, when I refer to her in person, on voice or chat, I 87% of the time call her Whimsy Winx, why? because I love it. I love her name, it is so her. It is not only her personality, but there is something about how it sounds, or feels to say, that just makes me happy. Now Whimsy Winx has a very odd talent…and we used to just laugh at it, but recently it has really made me a bit sad, because of the way things are now.

Her skill is knowing how old someone is without looking. Now she isn’t always spot on, but more often than not she has them down to the two months that usually was the length of time a name had. Many of us are able to do that, but usually only based on who we know with the name. For instance if I ever met another Fairchild or Zebrastripe I would probably hyperventilate trying to catch up to them to find out who they are and what they do, because I would know that like Phaylen and Washu, they would be OLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. Whimsy Winx though has it about people and names she doesn’t even know, because she is a watcher of people, and with all the groups she is part of, and events she has taken part in, the names stick.

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