Takes a Bow


Tri Colour lighting comparison

Tri Colour Multipack Hud

Flair set 106

So with all my watching of I Love Lucy reruns the past week, I have been loving all the polka dots and bows, and lovely vintage looks. This dress which is the SySy release for My Attic, is a lovely take on that kind of look, and so adorable in either the solids options, or the striped. I decided to go with the solid, so that I could keep the stripes for my nails, as well as my new tri colour wedges from Slink.

The dress is so lovely, and has a scalloped hemline with a great waisted cinched in and topped with a bow. The nails I am wearing are very similar and were partly inspired by the dresses as well as the reaction to previous lingerie inspired nails I did with bows a few weeks ago, they are also being sold in a special combination pack at My Attic. The timing couldn’t be more perfect, as these shoes just released come with three wedge colour options, as well as almost unlimited options if you go with the multipack. The shoes come with three coloured straps as a single pair, but definitely consider the multipack as you can see with the HUD I showed, you get to just choose from each row/strap and make up as many combinations as you can.

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Flair set 103

The NEW Gogo hair by LeLutka is just beautiful. It has a hat that comes with as a separate attachment,  and both looks are just lovely. It is perfect for a shoulder baring dress such as this great one by Toki Doki. I really like the print used on the dress, and the thin belt cinching the waist is a really nice addition to the look.

This dress would be lovely for a date and early evening look, but also with flats such as these great add on shoes by BOOM, the look can be a nice day out combination as well. The Ventrue flats slip right on over your flat rigged mesh feet, and come in cute little shoe boxes and you can get them in three colour packs.

The necklace and ring I am wearing is part of a set that is at My Attic from HandVerk. HandVerk does beautiful mesh accessories, so be sure to check those out, as they come in three colours at My Attic, and will be available in more colours in a regular release afterwards at full price, so grab the three at a bargain while you can. They come with silver and gold options, so they will go with just about everything.

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Beachy Keen

Tropical Escape Beach

Flair set 108

Whimsy and I just released the Tropical Escape Towel set with poses, and sunscreen tubes and cushions for My Attic – Escape. I took these pictures for the vendor ad, but they were so fun to take, and I love the new items we have on, mixed with some older ones, that I didn’t want to waste the pics and not blog them. The towel set is all mesh, and the towels are two versions with 9 textures, the cushions have 6 textures all controlled by a click and menu. Then there are ten poses in the towels that can be solo poses and then some can be combined for applying sunscreen or just being kooky.

The towels actually came about because of the nails sets I made for Flair. I showed Gogo some pics of them, and she said that they would make great tshirts. While I am not in the habit of making clothing, I did however get inspired to turn the hand drawn scenes into towels, as you often do see palm tree towels or gradient looking towels…so thank you Gogo for being inspiring. The poses are great for swimsuit shots, or just enjoying time on the beach, and we decided that they worked for people to just have them for their poolside or beach area, rather than them just being pose props.

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Have you seen LuLu?




Flair set 88

First of all a heads up that on the 7th the Hair Fair Photo Contest will begin. You can find all the information on that, and the rules HERE. I cannot wait to see all your exciting entries…there is a huge prize pool, and the theme is fun fun fun.

I love hair, hair was my first passion in Second Life, I spent every cent I earned on hair, buying sometimes half a dozen styles a day, and back then hair was slim pickings stores wise, so you had to get your fix whenever you could. None of these releases every week or two, back then it could be months between, and you would totally jones for a fix… yes I agree, I have watched way too many cop shows lately. But it was honestly brutal, I would go nuts roaming around Second Life trying to find new hair to wear, back then swapping outfits and hair was a four times a day minimum habit, and I didn’t even blog yet….

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Better on Top



Workers Clutch

Vivian Vibrant and Colour

Vivian Solid

ColorMe House of Fox HUD

57.1 57.2 60.1 60.2

I have mentioned in the past how much I love a good hybrid, the mixing of system layers and mesh, to really add extra versatility to an item. This Basic Maxi dress is a fantastic example of that, and you will want as many as you can get your hands on, the style, the colours – the appliers – it all works.  I wanted to show how it can go from a casual daytime look, to a dressier night out style with a few simple items added to the look.

With the help of the lovely mesh denim jacket from Emery that is at this months FaMESHed, the combination mixed with the system layer upper portion of the dress is perfect. Adding a few bits and pieces of your favourite jewellery would add a lot of flavour to the look, but I settled for simple today. I was never into denim jackets when they were a big thing in the 80’s but one of my friends was obsessed, and after wearing this one by Emery, I can understand the attraction after all this time. The sunbrella which is a C88 event item by Yummy, is adorable, and thankfully mod also, seeing as it was a bit oversized to start with, but I made it a little smaller.

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Catch me I’m Falling

Roller Sasy

Holly Lips

Holly Eyes

Ok, first off I am going to have a rant…not a usual SL type rant, but a RL rant if you will. I just started watching Vampire Diaries, and do not panic, I am not about to do a spoilers thing, but I have watched the whole first season, and I am hooked now, even though I have tried to watch the series 4 different times and never, until now, got past the first episode. It got me to thinking though, I do love me some Vampires type shows/movies, and I am like many waiting on the next True Blood to come on…then of course Twilight finished incredibly well I must say, and no I am not obsessive, I just liked it.

But the original and still favourite has to be Buffy and Angel, that was a love story and a half, and I miss the shows a lot. But my rant is, what is with all this rule changing crap. What is with Vampires having reflections, and being able to be out in the sun, and eating garlic, and not needing to sleep all day… I know there were times when Angel could do certain things, but sheeesh I am getting really annoyed and think I got ripped off, and I want to throw down my soapbox and demand a redo, I think that all the originals should have to come back and the whole Buffy and Angel and Spike and whatever should all get to come back with the ‘New Rules” – end rant.

So now that that is out of the way, and expunged from my system. On to the Bee’s, well a mix really. Bee’s through the Seasons event is nearing its end, and there are so many wonderful items to get there, as well as experience the great themed event layout itself. The top I am wearing is actually a dress that I am wearing part of by OkBye. The little spring dress is a micro mini with mesh insert and the colour worked really well with the adorable palms irie skirt by Emery that is at this session of My Attic @ The Deck.

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Minty Fresh

Minty Fresh

Mixing it up with minty freshness. The swimsuit is all perfectly glittery in a lovely shade of mint, which is part of the Sprint into Summer set by Stellar at My Attic. The set also comes with a long skirt in a beachy look, but I went with this flirty ruffled number by Tee*fy that is part of this months Collabor88. The swimsuit and skirt (not shown) are one part of the set, and the sunglasses and eyeshadow worn, are part of the accessories add on pack by Stellar.

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Criss Cross will make you jump jump – Collabor88, Zodiac





First of all before I go into this post, and the fashion…I wanted to let you know about a blog that has returned. You may recognise the name Hybie Mynx, she blogs over at It’s Only Fashion. Now even if you don’t recall the name, if you read the blog, or peruse the feeds, you will definitely recognise her face. She has a look that melts my heart every time I see her. She has such an incredible face. She has brought back her blog Avatars in Motion. This is a location blog, and I cannot wait to start visiting the places shown. I will also add pics to Second Life Stock Images Flickr Group when I do, so that others can use them, if they want to.

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Fly me to your skybox – Collabor88

Homey 3

Homey 2


Skyboxes are one of those things in SL, that are like the ‘and eating it too”, you know. They give you an illusion of space, and can be whatever you want them to be. If you have ever lived on mainland, they were a necessity for the most part, because back in the old days, who could even conceive of living on the ground – unless of course you had the money to afford a large plot of land. But even that didn’t ensure you weren’t back0-ended by some gaudy, loud mess of a structure. That is not to say that all mainland was that obnoxious, there were some great spaces even older, but with the 512 plot land grabs of 06/07 things got ugly lol.

I went skywards back on my parcel once for a few weeks, because I was between sims, and had had my mainland 512 since my first few months  here, because its free with premium…I still have it. I was high in the sky and free from all the ugly, and then someone smacked a club right next to me. They could have had any height, but no, had to be the exact same height as mine….seriously. That wasn’t that big a deal, but then they started shouting, winning things noises, and all sorts of stuff, so my friend – evil genius that he is – scripted a responder, so for everytime it screamed in my houses direction, the scripted prim would scream back about monkeys and tv…it was hilarious, but I removed it after a few hours of guilt. I was between sims as I said, so honestly I didn’t much care what happened there.

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You Sleigh Me

Sleigh Me

Lana 1

Lana 2

Leith 2

Leith 1

Leith Hud

My Attic @ The Deck is doing its next session starting tomorrow, so I have been buzzing around, and decided to step back and get some much needed blogging done.

I love winter fashion, and with the theme of this months Collabor88 taking that to delicious heights, I am even more so. With it being summer down here though, it can be very hard to watch yourself in layers, while the fan is trying to stop you from melting. While I have only been sledding once, and by once, I actually mean one time once, one go down the hill and that was enough for me – we wont even mention that the hill was about 5ft high, I am way too girly and accident prone for such daredevil feats. But a sled such as this one by Cheeky Pea @ Collabor88, was definitely a must have wall adornment, and you  never know, I may just take it for a spin in SL where I can’t hurt myself. It actually has a vehicle script inside of it, with some charming animations, so make sure you get some for fun with friends…

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