Wow what a ton of activity in Second Life yesterday, it first started with the release of two NEW hairstyles by LeLutka, and I am wearing one of them called Bouffant in this post. The style is a stunning big hair look, with separate attachments for the base and tresses, so you can resize the base if needed. You also get the lovely pearl tiara included, and I was playing around with other headbands I have worn recently and they fit well, like the studded one from Pididdle and the Bow one from Remarkable Oblivion.

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Honey Giraffes and Chocolate Possums



I had no idea it has been so many days since I have blogged, and I almost forgot how I do things layout wise. I have been overly addicted to making nails for the NEW Avatar Enhanced appliers for the Slink hands and feet, and I think when you are on a creative roll, you have to go with it. It is funny setting up a Flair store on my own sim, I always feel like I am wasting prims when using them for myself.  The nails have been great fun, and I have even set out a Gift set, so I hope you will drop by for a visit and grab those, it is a great way to test the system, and they all come with both feet and hands huds.

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Avatar Enhancement – Slink System

Slink Hands NEW Nail Lengths (Only works with Avatar Enhancement System) Updates Available see blog for info

Wave Nail Add On HUD (for Slink Hands)

Rhine & Rose Nail Add On HUD (for Slink Hands)

Pansy Nail Add On HUD (for Slink Hands)

Adam n Eve Appliers HUDs


AnE Feet Appliers

League Hud

League Feet Appliers 2

League Feet Appliers 1

Tuli Appliers for Slink feet and hands

Tuli Feet Appliers for Slink Feet 1

Tuli Feet Appliers for Slink Feet 2

Tuli Hand Appliers for Slink Hands

The system is now released, notices have not gone out yet, but the REDELIVERY Terminals are ready to go. SLink has just released the NEW updated Avatar Enhancement versions of their Feet and Hands. This means that now with the NEW system you can purchase appliers from Skin, Clothing and Accessories creators that will work with these items.

The first stores to already have skin appliers for the feet are Adam n Eve, League and Tuli…following this weekend will be Izzies and Pink Fuel, with Belleza also creating appliers….

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Mya short for so many words


Mya Make Ups

Mya Lips 2

Mya Lips 1

Mya Brows

When I saw the picture of this sweater, I tp’d so fast to Sn@tch I actually forgot to stand up first, and landed in a sitting position. I did not care though, and quickly TP’d Whimsy and Newdoll to join me. Not only was it already squeel worthy to look at, but then I found it wasn’t in the newness section but on the right side of the store in a weekly discount special thing-a-majiggy. So the whole pack was some ridiculously low price, and seeing as Sn@tch is remarkable in inexpensive fashion, you will be overjoyed as I was. The sweater actually comes with sleeves, but I prefered it without. I love the colours that it comes in, and all all layers, so it is wonderful for layering if you want to wear with a blazer or something…

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Sheer Delight


JD Cruel Colours

JD Cruel Wedge

JD Cruel Wedge 2


JD Cruel Lace

JD Cruel HUD

Elyse 1

Elyse 2

I always feel like I am sending coded love messages when I wear Exile Hair, the names which are usually always songs, when written altogether often seem to be a whole story. All three styles today are just lovely when it comes to showing off the beautiful new dress from Zaara. This dress has a prints pack and a plains pack, but honestly I see nothing plain about them. The dress is a delight, and I would even go so far as to say that the white would be wedding worthy under the right setting. Bare foot on the beach with just your closest of friends on some tropical island, oh look theres one just a sim or two over —-> hee hee. We really do not suffer for great tropical locations in Second Life….

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White Lines


Rayna 4

Rayna 3

Rayna 2

Rayna 1

In Second Life, I have always loved the chance to wear white as much as we can, without the chance of dirt and/or creases ruining a look. When we only had system layers and then sculpts, this often didn’t work out so well, with the shading needed to actually give the clothing depth, it could often look more grey than white – much as I love grey, when you want it to be white, it should be white. Mesh has given us this opportunity now, and I for one am over the moon.

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Chicka Bow Bow


Alyx Lips

Alyx 2

Alyx 1

This dress is just beautiful, it gives off a lovely 60’s kind of vibe, and the bow detail is just so adorable. The colours are so pretty and this one is definitely a firm favourite. I really like how it goes well with the cairo boots from Celoe, because of the lovely soft brown.  Other lovely brown , is my hair. I had to go over to Exxess earlier today for Hair Fair business, and this hair just jumped out at me, as well as a few others I purchased. One thing that did upset me though, was that not all hairstyles fit me, I don’t usually have to wear alphas and with these I do. Make sure if you are trying demos, you take off any hairbases because you wont see if it fits properly or not. They are rigged mesh, but I really live this style, so definitely try the demos and see if the hair fits you. I dragged Whimsy over, and had to drag her back out of there, so many great styles.

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Give ‘em Hell Rydell

Haru Zara


Yes, obviously from my title I am watching Grease as I type this up. It probably came about because of these gorgeous new jackets from Toki Doki, the Haru jacket is great. I think that if I had to pick a jacket to wear as a group of girls kind of thing, this one would definitely be a contender. The jacket is available in 6 floral prints and one coral, I am not sure why there is only one solid, but as an orange/coral kind of girl, I am all for it.

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August Rush






First some announcements. Erratic is having a huge sale 50% off at their NEW main-store, so be sure to check that out. Then there are some new changes to SL, first off with particles and then some AO changes… this is scripty kind of info, and you can read more about it on the Nalates Things & Stuff blog HERE. Hair Fair Designer Applications are open now, and will be up until 31st of March, don’t delay on getting those in. Another bit of news, this is outside of Second Life, but a wonderful project by the talented Maddox Dupont of KMADD…he has started a website for health and well-being called Benevolent Ways, so if you are into good things, and treating yourself right, make sure and check it out.

Now onto the post. The skin I am wearing is a Skin Fair release Vanina, by Anymore skins. The skin is lovely, and comes with different facial features. The first being freckles, then teeth and then an open mouth option that allows for you to wear prim teeth and actually have some shading for an opening (not shown). They all come with freckles options, and cleavage on and regular shading options. The skin is very lovely and a great default go to skin, so demo demo demo.  You get a better look at the body with the pics of the new Jolie lingerie by Izzies. This is a stunning lingerie set, with many layers and you can wear with or without the garters option.

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Deck Shoes

Today I am Gogo, well partially at least, I should have perhaps worn pink and had blonde hair to be more like her awesome self. But all joking aside – the part about being her, not her awesomeness – I am wearing the NEW Gogo skin by Deetalez. This is a release only available at Skin Fair 2013 and the skin is just lovely. I really like the maturity of the face, the body details, and the tone options are all really nice. The skins also come with tango appliers which are really well done.

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