Making my day


I woke up to the most awesome compliment today. Teshan2222 Wycliffe contacted me to let me know that Cajsa Lilliehook had chosen me as her favourite blogger for their Faculty Pics over at Style Academy Feed. It was the second time in 24 hours that Cajsa had honored me, the first was by creating her entire set – she DJ’s at The Velvet every Sunday morning – to start with the letter S. I had jokingly said the week before that she could do every letter, and of course that would mean lots of S’s. But to be chosen as one of her favourite bloggers, and the lovely reasons she gave, made me so proud and happy, so thank you so much Cajsa Lilliehook for making me very happy ♥ you can see what she said on the sidebar of the feed, and check out the other lovely bloggers and their picks.

Maitreya has done a huge release over the weekend. The inspiration was “Night Life” and the great items really do make getting ready for a night on the town, easy. I am featuring two of the leather items in the release, the beautiful Calgary clutch, which when I first saw it made me think of a sports car with racing stripes. I really like the insert of contrast leather that allows for a larger mix of colour to your outfit.

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Spy Girls & Exile Net

Exile Net - Spy Girls

The Distraction 1F

The Distraction 2F

The Distraction 3F

The Job 1F

The Job 2F

The Job 3F

The Getaway 1F

The Getaway 2F

The Getaway 3F

Bigger Pics if you click 🙂

Yesterday Whimsy and I went and did some Bodyguard duty for a friend. It took all of 15 minutes, but by then we got carried away with imagining earpieces, and spy suits, and the next thing you know this post was born. Whimsy sent me a cute earpiece attachment, and at first it was about how we could hang from the ceiling and steal stuff, and then it grew, and grew and grew.

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Not Rabbit Season – Collabor88







1. Happy RezDay Whimsy Winx – I hope that she has the most awesome of days, her being part of my Second Life for 6 years has definitely made it richer.

2. Another good friend of mine is in DC at the moment. Every year he and his partner are part of the SDA Charity Marathon. So far they have raised over 135000USD for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. The event has gamers from all over, traveling to DC so that they can do speed gaming online. That is probably not the greatest of description of it, these people all come together to not only share their skills, but also to unite to help a wonderful charity. So if you are into gaming, and have a few dollars to spare, click on the link and help them out.

Now onto the fashion. Recently League released these gorgeous faux fur pea coats. The colours and style reminded me of 1985. I was in the UK, and at the time one of the biggest fashion trends was fluffy big faux fur coats like this. They came in fabulous pastel colours, I wanted one so badly. Unfortunately with the price tag, as well as how heavy it was going to be to take back to Australia, it was alas a no go. This coat now lets me have my fabulous memories, look great wearing it, as well as being soft and luxurious.

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Countdown is progressing – My Attic , Collabor88



Foxy 1

Foxy 2

Countdown is Progressing…………now get that song out of your head. It is Boxing Day Down Under, and Eating Day down here was wet and much cooler than years past. It was a lovely day though spent with my Mum, and nibbling on delightful foodstuffs throughout the day. I hope you all had a wonderful Eating Day with your loved ones. The day before was Anessa Stine’s Rezday, so to all those that also celebrated rezdays this week – there are a lot that join over the holidays, what with new pcs and all that jazz, I hope you had much fun, and had people that adore you and are grateful you joined SL as much as we are that Anessa did many moons ago.

A bit of a MichaMi roundup today, as soon as I saw the Blanche tuxedo jacket, I got all excited about looks I would want to do. I had to size up and size down to achieve maximum mix and match potential, but with the greatness that is standard sizing, that was achievable. I layered the fabulous jacket over the recently released Kiaa dress. The dress is a lovely mini with side panels and ruched front effect – the ruching is stronger at the torso. The dress can be casual or dressy, dependent on how you wear it, and what you wear it with. I also added the lovely tilda leggings underneath, that are also mesh. The leggings will not fit under if you don’t have the room, but the look can of course be recreated with system leggings as well. It will all just depend on what sizes you have to play with, for a good look body wise….

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You Sleigh Me

Sleigh Me

Lana 1

Lana 2

Leith 2

Leith 1

Leith Hud

My Attic @ The Deck is doing its next session starting tomorrow, so I have been buzzing around, and decided to step back and get some much needed blogging done.

I love winter fashion, and with the theme of this months Collabor88 taking that to delicious heights, I am even more so. With it being summer down here though, it can be very hard to watch yourself in layers, while the fan is trying to stop you from melting. While I have only been sledding once, and by once, I actually mean one time once, one go down the hill and that was enough for me – we wont even mention that the hill was about 5ft high, I am way too girly and accident prone for such daredevil feats. But a sled such as this one by Cheeky Pea @ Collabor88, was definitely a must have wall adornment, and you  never know, I may just take it for a spin in SL where I can’t hurt myself. It actually has a vehicle script inside of it, with some charming animations, so make sure you get some for fun with friends…

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Call Me


With Love Hunt has left the gate strong, followed by FaMESHed and then hot in pursuit we have The Arcade…I know it is way more serious than a horse race, it is Fashion. Sometimes though, and definitely down my end of the planet, the two are in strong partnership with each other, one does not go to the races without looking fabulous.

Another thing about us Aussies, is that we tend to dress exactly like shown in this pic. The other day I was out and about in this look and Gogo thought I was a bit nutty, but then she thinks that pretty much daily I think…

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Hunting for love – With love hunt

Hunting with Love

The With Love Hunt

On the 30th of November the “With love ” hunt is going to begin. This event has been something many look forward to each year, a great group of designers all setting out an item in their store for only 10L. I have seen many of the items that will be available during this hunt event, and they are lovely…

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Entrenched in it all


Brist 2

Brist 3

Trench coats are synonymous with sexy, and I had to restrain myself from being all about the trench coat and only the trench coat for this post. Mind you in most situations where that is a thing, it often plays out badly. I think the idea of being bare under there, with trench coats is that they are so classically refined, they are very proper and have an almost built in barrier with the belt and the buttons, so the idea of mixing the two ideas is fascinating.

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Movie Magic – Hands On




Cinema Poster (Revised and better)

Hands, Hands, Hands…but first…

Only a short time to go until the Cinema event starts. If you want to know more about it, or see some of the marvellous sneak peak blog posts regarding the event, you can visit their website HERE . So many wonderful stores are involved in the event, so be sure to check it out from tomorrow until the end of the month.

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These Boots – New League Mesh



Dhara 2 NEW MESH

Dhara 1 NEW MESH

Exciting NEWS on the mesh front, is that League is about to release her first mesh tomorrow. For a first release of mesh ever, these pieces are just beautiful and so many lovely colours to choose from. Other news worthy announcements from League, is that the whole store has been vendor updated with redelivery and store credit options, and at the moment you don’t need a group to get the 5% store credit with every purchase which is a new promotion for the store, and may change to include other options in the future. Once you purchase something the credit you have gained will be said in chat, but you can also find little store credit posters around the store near the entrances and click them to find out your balance. Once you have enough for something you right click the item, then choose menu then credit and it will ask you if you want to use your credit balance, and then yay you are done.

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