Leather Love

Just a quick post – even though every time I aim for those I tend to type more. The new leather cropped biker jackers are really must haves. Even though I wore them bare today, it is definitely going to be one of those items that allow for using up all those system layers we have been neglecting with so many awesome mesh items lately.

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On Campus


Astrid Boots

Astrid Hud

Ok so this is what I know about what is what this weekend. First off, those people over at Freestyle that have been promoting the buns off new stores, and free items for the last 4 years, are having a celebration. I remember when Ashia Tomsen used to do the posts over there almost solo at one stage, but over the years many incredible bloggers have worked with Creamy to make it a most memorable blog. The event is 4*44*444 similar to Collabor88 in the concept that everything there is one of those prices, and what I have seen so far is well worth checking out.

Other things worth checking out is the Annual Choice Stamp Rally event, the idea is that you do some regular shopping in one or more of the stores on the list. That you buy however many items you like that have the Stamp Choice cards in them, you can see that in either edit contents or the buy menu, probably wiser to go with the contents. So then once you have the cards, you attach them to either various parts of your body YES YOU CAN DO THEM ALL AT ONCE, or you can be like me and attach them to your hud spaces on your screen and line them up all pretty and no one will see them lol. Then you go to every store on the list and find the stamp pad and click it and you will see a stamp appear on the card. This is also why I wear to HUD, you don’t have to try and navigate your camera to all the different cards to see that. Then once you have all your cards stamped, and trust me this takes such a small amount of time, even with all the shopping you end up doing in between, because the stores are always fabulous. You go to the final destination and drag your completed card to the Kiosk and choose your reward, one at a time, and make sure you are really aware of what you want in advance because you don’t have long to choose. I got an incredible life sized doll house and the Y’s House lounge suite, and a great handbag today, plus all the shopping, it was a great morning spent with Whimsy.

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by the sea





First off I want to mention that myself, and some incredible Fashion Bloggers are part of a Linden Lab Fashion Expert Days event. Now while I don’t claim to be an expert on anything, this was an honor, to be asked by the powers that be, to be part of something this huge. So if any of my readers drop by, thank you so much in advance, and if you cannot make it, please drop by afterwards and say hi, to not only myself, but everyone involved.

As you know Whimsy and I attended most of the Modavia Fashion Week shows, now while I did not get pics of every show, I am still incredibly impressed by not only the designers, but the event as a whole. Dahlia, Poptart, all of the incredible Models and of course Maddox Dupont who created sets that left us breathless and music that added to the passion of the event.

Now even though the event is over, you can now find many of the creations are in fact now in the stores, so hop to it.

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Bitches be Crazy



One of the excellent items available in the Platinum Hunt that is still on, is the My Padded Room by aDORKable. I actually watched this become what it is, and the 7 wonderful poses really work well for any kind of photography. The room is modify which really helps with the kind of layout you might want to create. This would also be incredible for machinema as well as photo ops, or seriously you kind of find yourself just in there chillin and wondering ‘what next?”.

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The second of the sister skins for LeLutka hit the grid today. Hadley is a younger sister to the previous Flutter line, her button nose and pouty lips shouldn’t fool you though, she is all stature and focus. Something about the overall Hadley look had me thinking athlete as soon as I saw her.

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Button down Rockstar

Stormy 1
Stormy 2
Stormy 3

Doing the Rockstar look today. Well maybe not intented to be one, but if I was going to be on stage doing my thing I would so be all about looks like this one – I have also been humming Tex Perkins “Lawyer” for the past two hours so that helped my mood a bit. I love button down dresses, almost as much as button down coats, but I think you get a lot more out of doing something like this with a dress.

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It’s in the way that you shade it



Wow it is over for another year. Hair Fair is such a big part of the committee’s lives for the months leading up to, that after it is all over and the booths are all packed away – thank you so much Mel and Whimsy – there is this kind of ‘ So um what now ? ” feeling.

Well to make sure that I didn’t fall back into the same old same old, I got right back on my VR Studio and took some pics of these great new releases. First off for the past few days I have been strutting around Second Life in these jeans admiring my own bottom.

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