Beachy Keen

Tropical Escape Beach

Flair set 108

Whimsy and I just released the Tropical Escape Towel set with poses, and sunscreen tubes and cushions for My Attic – Escape. I took these pictures for the vendor ad, but they were so fun to take, and I love the new items we have on, mixed with some older ones, that I didn’t want to waste the pics and not blog them. The towel set is all mesh, and the towels are two versions with 9 textures, the cushions have 6 textures all controlled by a click and menu. Then there are ten poses in the towels that can be solo poses and then some can be combined for applying sunscreen or just being kooky.

The towels actually came about because of the nails sets I made for Flair. I showed Gogo some pics of them, and she said that they would make great tshirts. While I am not in the habit of making clothing, I did however get inspired to turn the hand drawn scenes into towels, as you often do see palm tree towels or gradient looking towels…so thank you Gogo for being inspiring. The poses are great for swimsuit shots, or just enjoying time on the beach, and we decided that they worked for people to just have them for their poolside or beach area, rather than them just being pose props.

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Flair set 32

RedMint Platform Boots

I have a slight obsession with pinstripe, I think it is a fantastic fabric, and just love what can be done with it now that we have mesh. In the past system layers would distort pinstripe that it often just was not a good look, but now we can revel in it. The NEW Portan bustier/corset top from SySy’s just hit the store, and it comes in many delicious colours. There are also amazing brights colours and the lemon will be my favourite especially with the upcoming sunnier SL days…while I freeze my buns off Down Under.

Every year I declare to myself I wont follow the seasons in SL that I will try and stick to my own, so that I can at least feel snuggly and warm, but there are always such beautiful creations released, there is no way that can ever happen. It is rough during our summer though, sweating and bundling up my avatar in snow boots and parkas lol. While summer in SL can fool me into feeling warmer, winters in SL just makes it hotter.

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Cloud Nine

Cloude Nine


Flair - set 58 Avatar Enhanced Appliers

First off, a reminder that Hair Fair Bloggers Day Applications are now up and running…so HERE is the information post on that. The application is just for Bloggers Day entry, there are no bloggers packs sent through the group or anything like that, it is just so that you can get all the info and lay of the land in advance so that your readers can know about the event, and come and help Hair Fair 2013 help Wigs for Kids.

Clouds are an amazing thing to watch, even in Second Life I find myself staring at them for a while just watching them move so beautifully across the sky. It gives us this feeling of reality in a virtual world, and the other day I liked the colours of the sky so much I grabbed a snapshot, that I ended up using as my background for todays post.

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Rubberise Me

Boom Boom 2

Boom Boom 1


I really love great latex pieces, and this new mini skirt by BOOM is just fantastic. It is rigged mesh, and the liquid effect of the latex texture is spot on. It can be worn with or without the alpha, but this will depend on your shape and how your ao moves I expect, but I had no issues unless sitting down. The skirt is a partial release for the 100 Block event that is now on, with a multitude of fantastic creators involved. Items are at discounted prices, so make sure you get over there and stock up on the lovelies…..

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Poncing About

Ponceau 1-horizon


It is rare that I do location pictures, but this beautiful Maxi dress by SySy’s –  for the ongoing Birthday Celebration at FaMESHed – needed to be seen as it would be worn. I love the long flow of the dress, and the soft gradual dye look in the colours, both soft and dark colour packs available. What is really great is the hand drawn flower that SySy hand drew herself, making this not just a beautiful dress, but wearable art. The style is very giving size wise also, even though standard sizes, I was actually able to go down a size, as I usually wear Small up top, but this time XS was wearable and well too.

The jewellery I am wearing with the dress is also from FaMESHed and is the release by Maxi Gossamer, of Gossamer Jewellery who it seems has also gone into clothing creation now, which is exciting news. So check those out. The Jewellery comes with silver or gold options as well as colour choices via clickable menu for the gems.

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Happy Hopping


Arden Ballerina Flats

I had the pleasure of SySy’s company yesterday in the air over in the sim next door to The Arcade. That is right, if you have been living under a rock the past few days, the long awaited return of this Gatcha event is back, and back strong. The sim has been full to overflowing for days since its opening, and it is no wonder with dozens of stores participating, more than actual avatars allowed on the sim. I do love the placement of the event though, you really do get to take advantage of the surrounding sims air space and the handy draw distance options we have in our viewers. Do make sure to uncheck the limit select distance option in advanced settings when you do though, otherwise nothing will work for you, and you may think it is because you are too far away.

While there I was lucky enough to get this adorable Doll Head by Fashionably Dead in the rare bunny option first go. Now I was totally stoked with whatever I was going to get, but I will totally admit to being even more impressed at the options. This head doesn’t just come as is, you get tone options, brow options and eye colour options, when you click on it and choose appearance from the menu. This is great, as it can help you get closer to a skin tone you have, as skin is not included. I did however just fall for the big beautiful dark brown eyes, so left them as the default, but do play around with it, and even if you get the same one as your friends, now you know you can still be different.

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Haru Up

Pop Star

My Attic @ The Deck opened with the them Pop Music on thursday. It has been a roller-coaster of adorable, and fun moments over the past few days, and I got to meet some great people along the way. We have even inspired some people to create their own Pop Music video, like this adorable one HERE. One of the great items at My Attic, is the Pop Princess Collection by DCNY. Now this looks like a dress in the ad, but once you get it you realise it is a great high waisted skirt and a crop top that can be worn on their own, so that is definitely a must have for versatility.

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Making Space

Lofty Skybox 1

Lofty Skybox 2

Lofty Skybox 3

Helena 1

Helena 2

Helena 3

One of the greatest things about Second Life is COPY…we don’t appreciate it enough. The reason that I am praising of the COPY is of course, the amount of time it can take to put a house together, and have it just the way you want it, but then something could happen, and all your hard work could just vanish. Sure sometimes it all just ends up in your lost and found folder, but we have all had experiences I am sure, where that has not been the case. I still think there is a bath somewhere floating around SL with my name on it.

When I was younger I had a tendency to be really badly edit challenged, like so bad that my friends used to have to go off in search of random items at death defying heights lol. If I was trying to move an item a metre, it would shoot off through the wall never to be seen again, that is the story of the bath, the worst part of that, is that it happened three times, and the third time was not the charm…gone forever. I shouldn’t say forever though, because about a month ago I suddenly had an item returned to me from lands unknown which I had not seen for nearly four years, so go figure.

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Making my day


I woke up to the most awesome compliment today. Teshan2222 Wycliffe contacted me to let me know that Cajsa Lilliehook had chosen me as her favourite blogger for their Faculty Pics over at Style Academy Feed. It was the second time in 24 hours that Cajsa had honored me, the first was by creating her entire set – she DJ’s at The Velvet every Sunday morning – to start with the letter S. I had jokingly said the week before that she could do every letter, and of course that would mean lots of S’s. But to be chosen as one of her favourite bloggers, and the lovely reasons she gave, made me so proud and happy, so thank you so much Cajsa Lilliehook for making me very happy ♥ you can see what she said on the sidebar of the feed, and check out the other lovely bloggers and their picks.

Maitreya has done a huge release over the weekend. The inspiration was “Night Life” and the great items really do make getting ready for a night on the town, easy. I am featuring two of the leather items in the release, the beautiful Calgary clutch, which when I first saw it made me think of a sports car with racing stripes. I really like the insert of contrast leather that allows for a larger mix of colour to your outfit.

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Criss Cross will make you jump jump – Collabor88, Zodiac





First of all before I go into this post, and the fashion…I wanted to let you know about a blog that has returned. You may recognise the name Hybie Mynx, she blogs over at It’s Only Fashion. Now even if you don’t recall the name, if you read the blog, or peruse the feeds, you will definitely recognise her face. She has a look that melts my heart every time I see her. She has such an incredible face. She has brought back her blog Avatars in Motion. This is a location blog, and I cannot wait to start visiting the places shown. I will also add pics to Second Life Stock Images Flickr Group when I do, so that others can use them, if they want to.

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