Today is the last day of My Attic @ The Deck, so I made a little mix and match post of some of those items, mixed with new and older items from all over the place. The skin I am wearing in the post is from another event going on at the moment, the Skin Addiction Skin Showcase, so be sure – if you haven’t already –  that you check that out too.

The pencil skirt by Cracked Mirror comes in four different colour blends, all named appropriately for the theme of My Attic for this edition, which is Memories of Love & Lust. I especially love this greyscale version, and the texture is so beautiful, and the shading is great. I did have some fit issues around the waist, but with the Lycia tank top from Mon Tissu I was able to make that not an issue at all.

I really enjoyed building this full look…

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G is for Girls

G Girls
Jourdan 3
Jourdan 2
Jourdan 1
Freja 3
Freja 2
Freja 1
Wellington 3
Wellington 2
Wellington 1
Storm 1
Storm 2
Storm 3

Ok so I had to do a big G right – Alphabet Challenge FTW , what with me being so behind I got to kill two birds with one stone. Whimsy is still trying to get her F on, and I had hoped to do G,H,I at once like the others I have done, but seriously 13 pics for one letter was probably enough. If you want to see closer, and you seriously should with the skins make ups being beautiful and the shoes combos so much fun, then just click them to see the originals at Flickr.

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I found the treasure

Whimsy 4
Bahia 2

So earlier today I did a blog post on location. I did not go into it, because I planned on returning to really look at the space. I had no clue that it would not only end up a fabulous fun time with Whimsy and Mel, but the sim just grew and grew into this incredible experience. I for one want everything there, the homes, the stores, the items in the stores, the plants and gardens and wow, it is like being in an actual home and garden showroom in RL the way it is set up in some areas. I wish that everything was for sale as separates in the builds themselves, because there are the most adorable fishy hanging things in one of the houses that I want so bad, but it only comes with everything else. Note to owner though, seriously if you did set everything for sale as individual pieces as well, people like me would go nuts, and convince ourselves it was only this and this and this and this and this and woooops *Grins Greedily*.

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Modavia Fashion Week Day Two

Day 2 of Modavia Fashion Week, and there were more press in attendance and a great group of appreciative VIP’s, and customers. Whimsy and I got there just in time before it filled up, and it was nice to see Cajsa there as well.

The first thing to notice was that the build – done by Maddox Dupont – had changed again, this time a very Metropolis Film look, with art deco styled beams and splashes of coloured lighting. Maddox of MADDesigns has a real knack for pulling together a look with the most minimal of textures, which of course is much needed at an overloaded event such a show of this nature.

The show was about to begin with a store I knew nothing about. Sartoria, is a new to me label and one I will find hard to forget…this is a name I know that myself and Whimsy will be shouting out the next time someone asks about mens clothing in Fashion Emergency. To be honest though, that was pretty much the theme of the day, incredible Menswear, follow with me.


For an oldbie like me, this release had me in awe of the changes to mens fashion over the years. But not only the changes to the actual clothing…look at the models. Men get to be Men, their own Men, not Dante with three shape options – HA HA HA I can say that now they are closed and Lost can bite my bum – lol I am by no means picking on Naughty, if it wasn’t for them we would have had women looking like models and Men looking like crap, I for one will admit to having a few Dante crushes in the past. But again, with the looks today it was so evident that men are again taking on fashion, and taking it on so well. The first store I managed in SL was mainly known for its menswear, and especially suits and really distinguished looks, so when the grid went too casual for guys it was really upsetting to me. Stores like Sartoria and the others shown at Modavia this week are bringing back Class to menswear and YIPEE for that.

The one thing that was very obvious, was the very English influence of the looks. Very Saville Row, and a mix of now and past looks of mens fashion, truly retro inspired , you can imagine the Beatles or Mick wearing these clothes.



Gabriel on the other hand was a lot more dressed to impress. For nights on the town at least. The use of layers was excellent in this and all collections so far, I am truly so happy that LL gave us more than one layer options for each clothing type now. I would have personally loved to see the guys come out again without the coats on, that would have made for an interesting visual – the one difference that is so evident about RL SL Fashion shows, no coats off and twirling.

Aside from the very sexy suited looks, there were some dark and brooding leather military styles, the coats were thick and heavy, just as they should be if trying to pull off this look. The womens wear was all evening, but flirty and cocktail length, simple gradients of colour.



Lastly for me sadly, as the grid went down for many. I personally think it was just so the male lindens could all go shopping in peace – but anyway, FIR & MNA were a huge hit. Naith Smith was there too as he was the hair provider for the show. The funny thing about the show was that Women in the audience talk a lot more when Men are on stage than when Women are…and especially about their shoes. I worked out why though later on, when nearly every model – female – came out after she had shoes on I already own, so what’s the point lol.

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A little bit ranty, a little bit stripper pole


First off it is ranty time again. Since Mesh has been enabled there has been many reasons for ranting it seems, but this one is pointed at the people that make Third Party Viewers * pokes screen and wags finger *. First off thank you for all of the hard work you do, which is free to use, and you do not actually get paid for, I understand that everything you all do is to help make Second Life more rewarding for its residents, and as a person that is wooohooo about community, again a big huge skyrocketing THANK YOU!

BUT… I think that some of you are dropping the ball when it comes to keeping your users informed. Mesh just hit the grid last week or the week before, and yet every day I see and hear people that only use your viewers completely misunderstanding what is actually going on. Either they don’t even know what Mesh is, or they are adamant that they will stick to the viewer they are using no matter what until you provide them the Mesh version…or they actually think Mesh is a bug and that their latest viewer version is broken and don’t have any clue what to do.

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OMG The Sitting

Happy Mesh Day

Honestly since I have been lucky enough to have some sneak peaks at Mesh prior to today, the one thing that stood out the most was the bending knees, and the dresses that fold with your body. Since 2007 and sculpts being used more and more, as much as they have always been awesome, one thing started changing, we stopped sitting and everyone was always standing.
When it was just prim skirts with flexi they created the easy sitting scripts, that were more work than helpful to be honest, but you could never really get those things to do much for sculpts. When pants legs were made more and more by full sculpts also, you would sit and your lower portion would go one way, and your upper would stick out making it look like you had broken yourself in someway.

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Ploomberry Slushie

Pinkie PL1 Pl2 PL3

This hair had definitely broken through any limits I put on myself regarding flower hair. Always I have been a little eeek about hair with accessories built in, because I like the without option, as well as thinking it can tend to limit the hair wear. But this new Kendal style is just beautiful. The soft locks, the beachy length and soft waves. Then you have the flower not only the ones in the hair, but also the one that is a mouth attachment and totally looks the type you would get in a salad these days, and on top of ALL that, you get a hud that changes the flower and stamen texture into at least a dozen colours…SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL.

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Stellar Ploomage

I have always said you learn something new everyday in Second Life. That is true, and often it is the things we expect are known all over; that are in fact usually the opposite. Example would be todays little Second Life Tier lesson. I have had a sim now – The Deck – for two years, and I will admit that for at least the first year I was an ignorant land owner. Which seeing as I have had my own 512 since 2006 is even worse, but I will let myself off the hook there seeing as I have that tier as part of my premium account perks.

Now it is pretty well known that I have worked for many in Second Life, and most of those people owned their own sims. But I must say learning by example is not always a good thing, especially when dealing with finances from different countries. My bosses of the past were always Americans up to the point of owning my own sim. So for them to ‘cash out’ was a simple process, especially in the days of doing so through Xstreet. But for me for years I had always cashed out from Xstreet to Paypal to Australia Bank to Credit Card. Then once I owned a sim I did the same and they would bill my CC.

If you are doing this too, whichever country you are from STOP RIGHT NOW. I was paying fees and currency exchange fees all over the damn place, but again this was my own ignorance, and my settling to believe that that was the one and only way. It isn’t, and seriously this is no ones fault, it is again just one of those things everything thinks everyone knows.

When you sell your Lindens via your account info on the Second Life main website, the money is converted to a US Dollar amount. Once that occurs STOP. The way linden labs at the time of this announcement lol, is that they go through your USD balance first and if all the money they need is there that is as far as they go. If your balance is lacking part of the money owed, only then do they go to your Credit Card or whatever money paying info you have provided them – this is why it is always a nice thing to pay your rent on time if renting from others, because if the lindens go to credit cards because there isn’t enough money in USD it can really effect the RL of your landlord, but that is another thing altogether.

So don’t be silly like I was for a year, once you have the USD balance all good and full enough to cover your tier leave it there, and if like me you see the linden is giving good money at other times, sell some of your lindens to up your USD balance, the money isn’t going anywhere as either USD or L’s.






Ok now on to the fashion. Firstly only two more full days of Hair Sale Yummyness…

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Roasted Carrot


I swear every year I do this big rant about how ‘this year’ I will post on my own climate. It is so hard to watch yourself swanning around in barely anything, when it is so cold and wet outside. But alas every year that never happens, and swanning I do.

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Button down Rockstar

Stormy 1
Stormy 2
Stormy 3

Doing the Rockstar look today. Well maybe not intented to be one, but if I was going to be on stage doing my thing I would so be all about looks like this one – I have also been humming Tex Perkins “Lawyer” for the past two hours so that helped my mood a bit. I love button down dresses, almost as much as button down coats, but I think you get a lot more out of doing something like this with a dress.

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