Hair Fair 2012 – A whole lot of Rosy Mood




Studded High Boots

Short Boots 3

Short Boots 2

Short Boots 1

Hair Fair 2012 Join Us banner

It is always fun when you get to be a walking promotion for a fashion item, such was the case when I had to TP over to Hair Fair 2012 to help someone and I still had on these fantastic studded long boots by J’s. The instant I landed the male partner of the lady I was tping in to help asked if the boots I had on came in a guys version…YES, YES they do. The boots come in both female and male versions, which is fabulous. The boots come in 5 colours and they even have a HUD for lengthening to the boots height, just in case you need a little extra. The stud detail is fabulous, and they are really well detailed mesh boots.

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A Fairy Tale

Fairy Tales 2012

Which Witch

Mia FT1

Mia FT2


The shoes I am posting today are making me want to burst into song, the problem with that though is that the song is really not appropriate and Aussies will know exactly what I mean and may just snicker. They are the Ute shoes by Baiastice , and their high platform front brandished with a lovely bow make them both pretty and fierce at the same time.

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Head for the Hills – FaMESHed/June & Chic2




Whimsy and I spent a luxurious day by the pool today. With the help of some lovely poses set within this magnificant swimming pool that is part of the Zuma Hills Mesh house from Trompe Loeil. This house as Whimsy says, is like a Barbie Dream Home, once she removed most of the pink – for the lovers of pink and purple though, there is still enough to keep you happy. I added the New Hampton Garden Mesh setting of wrought iron table and chairs to the pool area…this is an actual sneak peak at the upcoming Chic 2 Birthday event item from What Next. So many seating options for both men and women, but I did use my VR Hud Library to use a Maitreya sit pose, as I wanted to really focus on the swimsuit and feet in the picture.

The feet being because of the new ADD ON sandals called Ilena that SLink has just released to go with their rigged mesh bare feet. You just wear your feet first, and then add your sandals and you are ready for the beach, or any summery looking adventures. They are a beautiful sleek version of a gladiator sandal, and the thin leather straps are just lovely, and with them being rigged mesh, the feet and sandals move with your own foots movement…very cool for more realistic looks.

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Whenever April showers come along



Buying a new dress in RL is something that can be so exciting, depending on what the dress is for. Whether a first date, a night out, or a special occasion. When you find the right one it is even more exhilarating, you cannot wait to wear it, cannot wait to be complimented on it and in it.

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I am 561876841 Bad Pixels

1bp 1a


1bp 3a

I had an exciting evening last night, it was the launch of the New One Bad Pixel store, and what a night, and what an incredible MESH collection. The whole night was surrounded by intrigue, “Who are the Designers?” behind One Bad Pixel…have you guessed yet, have you sent in your note-card with your guess so that you can win the contest? I will give you a hint, and hopefully not get in trouble for doing so but here goes – LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. So make sure you go and grab the info note-card when you are in the store buying all the goodies. Also when there you will want to join the subscriber as there are a gorgeous pair of cigarette pants in copper as a gift. Also if you have the group room you will want to join and get an extra dose of store credit on your purchases if you are wearing the group tag.

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Riding a magic carpet




A reminder to all, about the wonderful events still taking place over the grid. Pose Fair is still going strong, and Wear Gray is on only for a few more days, so make sure you check them both out. Todays poses are actually from Pose Fair, as a returning store released there for the event, and it is good to see them back.

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Saucy and Sasy



Wow what a day, it is 3pm for me, and I feel like I got nothing done. A few pictures at least but then I had issues with software and stuff, so lots of fun with that, not. I did get to as I said take a few pictures at least, and I really love how they turned out. I hope you do too.

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Someones Treasure

Today I went to a sim called Sleepy Bones, it is a sim built by the talented Turnip Sorbet, the builder of Lula and other fabulous builds around Second Life. The sim is not going to remain open at this time, but you really should go by and have a look before it closes tonight. The residential feel is just so perfect, and to end it all they are having a garage sale, and if Whimsy and I left anything 😛 you should grab up the bargains.

This cinched shortish length blazer made me think of vintage finds, such as ones you find at opportunity stores and/or garage sales and market stalls. I love that it is just shy of being too small looking, that the colours are lovely, but it is the style and overall look that I love.

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Vote for Renee

Gorgeous Yongho of Juicybomb – or Gogo as many call her –  contacted me this afternoon to let me know about a very important event taking place. This event is not in Second Life, but is very important to a Second Life Resident, a member of not only our Second Life Community but also the Blogging Community. This is her blog here, and this is the event here.

Now calling it an event may seem a bit odd, but winning this prize of a van that will get her around and make a change to her whole life, seems to me an event and worthy of the title. Renee suffers from Congenital Muscular Dystrophy, and while she seems to manage with an upbeat and incredibly caring attitude to life and her friends, this is a disease that doesn’t just hinder but it hurts, a lot. Renee talks about it somewhat in the article that accompanies the contest info, so please take the few minutes it will take out of your day, and vote, as many times as you can. This is one thing that every Second Life resident can get behind, and it will not cost you anything but a few moments and may just change the life of someone deserving of it.

Let as many people as you know, know how they can vote for Renee also.


Oh. Okay. I see. You think this has nothing to do with you

Sasy & Whimsy

So I was moving pieces around getting ready to set up for a picture, and Whimsy came online, she looked so in keeping with the mood that I asked her to sit and be in my picture.

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