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Flair set 88

First of all a heads up that on the 7th the Hair Fair Photo Contest will begin. You can find all the information on that, and the rules HERE. I cannot wait to see all your exciting entries…there is a huge prize pool, and the theme is fun fun fun.

I love hair, hair was my first passion in Second Life, I spent every cent I earned on hair, buying sometimes half a dozen styles a day, and back then hair was slim pickings stores wise, so you had to get your fix whenever you could. None of these releases every week or two, back then it could be months between, and you would totally jones for a fix… yes I agree, I have watched way too many cop shows lately. But it was honestly brutal, I would go nuts roaming around Second Life trying to find new hair to wear, back then swapping outfits and hair was a four times a day minimum habit, and I didn’t even blog yet….

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Cloud Nine

Cloude Nine


Flair - set 58 Avatar Enhanced Appliers

First off, a reminder that Hair Fair Bloggers Day Applications are now up and running…so HERE is the information post on that. The application is just for Bloggers Day entry, there are no bloggers packs sent through the group or anything like that, it is just so that you can get all the info and lay of the land in advance so that your readers can know about the event, and come and help Hair Fair 2013 help Wigs for Kids.

Clouds are an amazing thing to watch, even in Second Life I find myself staring at them for a while just watching them move so beautifully across the sky. It gives us this feeling of reality in a virtual world, and the other day I liked the colours of the sky so much I grabbed a snapshot, that I ended up using as my background for todays post.

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Hair Fair 2012 – Bandana Day

Bandana Day Hair Fair 2012

Bandana Day 2012 poster

Today as is the tradition, it is the last day of Hair Fair 2012 which means Bandana Day, where we “Remove our hair to show we care”. Do you have to do this, nope, is it fun, yes.  Every year residents from all over, send in bandanas they have made prior to the fair opening and they are sold for 50L and the money goes to Wigs for Kids. Every year I am floored not only by the great imagination these bring out, but also the kindness and some even include notecards explaining why it is important to them to be part of this. Those always make me cry.

Some over the years have become collectibles, and I am showing just five of the dozens for sale, so you can get some idea of how fabulous they are. Tekelili Tantalus always wows me, and this years armor style bandana is AMAZING, it even has wings this year. There is a boys and girls option to purchase and a few different colours you can choose.

The top left is actually by KittyCats co-creator Callie Cline, so you will find that if you have the breeds she created, then you will be all fabulous and matchy to your cats, but if not then its all about the faux fur awesomeness.  Bottom left is by Dita Tran of Fulo Jewelry and is a very stylish look, that can be purchased in four colours and is really classy looking.

Top right is by Thora Charron of LeLutka, and is all mesh and the scarf ends are separate and rigged, so it will move with your body. The top portion is non rigged so you can resize it to fit, as all Bandanas are modify. The tiedye fabric is so soft and pretty in this one. Hinako of Hinako Hairstore made the adorable one on the bottom right, and it is so cute with the little doll and banana sleeping on the top.


Bandana Booths are on all four sims of  Hair Fair 2012, you can identify them with the poster above.

Have a great Bandana Day everyone, and thank you all for being part of Hair Fair 2012.

Slurls for all sims 


Skin Worn – Isla –  League

Top worn – Tucked Tee – Tres Blah – Collabor88/july

Hair Fair 2012 – Elikatira, Decoy, Fashionably Dead and Esk-imo

Sparrow & Flattery

Aella & Ren

Saturday & Sunday

Gaia & Tara

Hair Fair 2012 Join Us banner

2.5 hours until Bandana Day, and I didn’t get all my hair posted in time but I still have great hair to feature after Hair Fair 2012 ends as it will all be in the stores after that. Not enough hours in the day and night, but I did try, and my hair goes off to all of the incredible bloggers that did such amazing posts all during this past two weeks to help spread the word on Hair Fair 2012, not only for Wigs for Kids, but for the generosity of all these hair creators all coming together for this event every year, some new but the majority are veterans of  Hair Fair and impress with each year.

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Hair Fair 2012 – sYs Amacci and Tameless

Orbital & Jazy

Cassie & Rosie

Victoria & Sojo

Hair Fair 2012 Join Us banner

As you may have noticed in past posts, I am really all for the hybrid mesh usage, as in mixing mesh with regular clothing layers to create a mixed effect. That is also true of hybrid mesh hair, and how you can utilise the concept of rigged and non rigged styles by mixing them together. I like the idea of non rigged hair tops and rigged bottoms, that way if you do have to edit around the face you are good…

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Hair Fair 2012 – Discord Designs, Epoque, Ploom/Deviant Kitties



Stabilizer I and II

Misha and Neopunk

Hair Fair 2012 Join Us banner

I am almost running out of clothes – just kidding. Ok so last two days of Hair Fair 2012 as I said earlier, so do not miss out on having another run through with friends or on Alts because you definitely don’t want to miss out on helping Wigs for Kids while the stores are donating to this great cause, not to mention all the fabulous gift items that are around the sims.

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Hair Fair 2012 – Lollipopz oh lolli lollipopz

Winter Rose


Hair Fair 2012 Join Us banner

Second last day of Hair Fair 2012. I felt like showing some summer beachwear and these new items are perfect, especially with the hair shown. The bikini is the latest release from BOOM, and they come in an abundance of colours and prints. The style is sexy and has adorable ties on the hips. I especially love the chevron prints and camo, but showing the brilliant Lime and the doll pink chevron for this post…

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Hair Fair 2012 – Rock n Clawtooth

Going Steady



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Today I took a break for three hours and watched the Olympics Opening ceremony with Whimsy Winx. The United Kingdom did an incredible job at creating an amazing event. There was a few tears shed my end, and lots of goosebumps, I was really moved by the fact that this is the first ever Olympics that all nations had a female competitor, not just because it is the first year they qualified, but because their countries in the past did not allow it. I will laugh for days at Whimsy declaring that the woman that was declared the ‘Champion of Earth’ during the carrying of the Olympic flag was not wearing a cape, and she wanted to take the gold from the UK teams uniforms and make her one. All in all it was very enjoyable, I did unfortunately miss the first part of it, so missed Duran Duran and their video they shot in Second Life for the event, but I am sure it will be online eventually.

I was all hyped up and rawr, so the pics ended up with a rock n roll kind of look happening.

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Hair Fair 2012 – Sugarsmack that!




Hair Fair 2012 Join Us banner

It is all about pretty dresses and lovely hair in this post. Sugarsmack being the store featured from Hair Fair 2012. There are only a few days left, so be sure you go and grab everything you haven’t already, because while it is at the fair, your purchases contribute to the Wigs for Kids donations..and every bit helps a child in need.

The hairstyles are so pretty and feminine and I am in love with the hairbases, as they have a widows peak that just makes me melt all over, I am seriously infatuated with that look. The styles are so lovely, and go with all sorts of looks, but I wanted to do the frock thing today. Two are from One Bad Pixel and are glorious, the first is really cool long dress with an interesting take on the one strap look.

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Hair Fair 2012 – OhMai Goodness – a plea




Isla 1

Isla 2

Isla 3

Isla 4

Hair Fair 2012 Join Us banner

Every year during Hair Fair, one of my favourite things to do is check on what Anya Ohmai has done. This is because every year since the ‘shoulder up’ – thats what I call it – series, she has done amazing Hair Fair hair pictures. This year is just as amazing, and you can see them HERE on her Flickr if you haven’t already. This year though, is her second year attending Hair Fair as a participant, and so this post is the hair she released for the fair.

The three styles shown are Gillian, Ginta and Chloe, and while they are pretty and girly, they are definitely casual to dressier in wear-ability. In the first two I especially love the thin headband and half updo creation at the back, with the hair having more volume at the top, it is very lovely and creates a beautiful silhouette. I matched two of the styles together with the new mesh blazer from Elate, this blazer is really nice to wear, and the contrast piping had me so excited. Whether with long pants, like these gorgeous ones from Celoe, or shorts that are very fetching, the look works so well.

I kept with the shorts look and am wearing the really pretty cardigan from The Sea Hole at Colllabor88. This cardigan comes with the bra top hardwired to it, I really wish designers would not do that, I know I have said it before, but as clothes most of the time are built as layers in PS/Gimp, keep them that way. That cardigan as its own item would be so wearable with many other things, other bra tops, same with the bra top that is underneath, it would be a lovely go to bra for many things, even as a default always worn kind of bra, as it is strapless and low enough to wear under most mesh. While the creativity of the designer is incredibly important…

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