Flair set 86

Koreshan Fair

Cosmetics Fair is only a few more days, it packs up the same time as My Attic, but straight after that is another NEW and big event. Koreshan Hillbilly Howdown & Country Fair is going to be a fun and exciting event put on by a sim that is pretty famous for having had great events in the past years. I am glad they are doing something again now, and really looking forward to finding out, who and what is going to take place. The sign as you see, says that there will be a lot of attractions, so mark your calendars for Monday when it launches. That in itself is exciting, as events usually start on the weekend, what a great and fun way to chase the monday blues away.

Back to My Attic and Cosmetics Fair though, the Make Up I have on today is by Chelle and Glamorize. The eyeshadow is part of the Moon Dust collection they released for the event, and I love that it really does have a dusty shadow look to it. I love the red, and should have probably not worn a full bangs hairstyle, but you can check it out in person yourself at the fair. I am also wearing the eyelashes on tattoo layers that were also released, I don’t usually go with tatoo lashes as I wear mesh ones, but I liked the combination of both. The lipstick I have on is from Glamorize, and I like the black lipstick look, especially with this outfit.

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Rubberise Me

Boom Boom 2

Boom Boom 1


I really love great latex pieces, and this new mini skirt by BOOM is just fantastic. It is rigged mesh, and the liquid effect of the latex texture is spot on. It can be worn with or without the alpha, but this will depend on your shape and how your ao moves I expect, but I had no issues unless sitting down. The skirt is a partial release for the 100 Block event that is now on, with a multitude of fantastic creators involved. Items are at discounted prices, so make sure you get over there and stock up on the lovelies…..

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The Beat of a Drum



I have been absent the last few days, spending a little time fixing some RL stuff, and it has been relaxing. I was still able to attend to What’s New SL stuff and The Deck…but it gave me a chance to get my mind in order for the upcoming months of Hair Fair preparation. It is definitely an exciting time of the year, and there are so many great events going on now, as well as in preparation for the time before that. I heard about SummerFest yesterday and that looks like an awesome event. If you haven’t heard of it, I suggest if you are a store you jump on the chance to be involved, you can find the application for that HERE.

Also don’t forget you have Collabor88 going on, as well as FaMESHed‘s 1st Birthday celebration. That is a lot of great stuff to see and do. Today though my post is about items not at events. The other day I was looking at my UnBra skins folder and was wondering what had happened to that store, well sure enough if you think hard enough, things happen. The creator of UnBra skins has released two ( only one shown today) new skins, and not only do they have great make ups, and cleavage options etc, but they are all compatible with Tangos and also Slink avatar enhanced hands and feet appliers are available. So with a new release comes big things…

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An Aria

Aria 1

Aria 3

Aria 2

League has been working on this NEW skin for the past few months. I did get a sneak peak a month or so ago and have been waiting excitedly for its release ever since. The full release is not going to be this week, but a partial “Special Edition” preview will be, and the skin is just marvelous. There is often a collective sigh when it comes to good black skins being more available on the grid, and there are mixed reactions when they are made available, it is a hard thing to get right, so many steer clear of them. Thankfully League hasn’t. Aria comes in three tones, and has the cleavage layers, nail covers, hairbases, including an afro version base – shown in the first pic. I can see this skin not only being great for girls that have been looking for a good black skin, as well as designers who want to add a little diversity to their vendor ads. There is an Aria shape, but I went with mine, so that you can see how it works on features you are familiar with…definitely take her for a spin yourself, because she is beautiful. The new tones will also have appliers available to purchase for SLink hands and feet, as well as lolas, so look for those in the appliers section when the release is announced….

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Fruityness – FaMEShed





Amae1- Solids

Amae2 - Duo

I have so much love for the new Amae sandals by Celoe. Not only because the heels on them are killer sexy, but also because of the colours, and the options. Not only do they have 10 beautiful solid colours – I have to admit to you, I actually really like the purple even, and that is a huge thing – but also 8 gorgeous combination duo colours. The HUD also has three metal textures – Silver, Gold, Black – that allow you to change all the metal on the shoes, and it is amazing the difference that the metal change can make. I included pics of all colours and one colour with all the metals, so you could see. With the duos, I also changed the metals to the ones I liked best for my mood at the time.

The silver shines, the gold can enrich and even soften the look, and the black just gives them a funky strong look. I love it. I wanted to show different looks with them, because at first glance its RAWR, but then I realised in the biscotti, that they turned into a gladiator sandal look, which was awesome.

The first pic is to show off some fruityness, the citrus colours of the Zesty and Tang, come together in the one shoe. I love them as stand alone colours, but together, YUM! I was so lucky to be able to find the right yellow in this really cute lingerie set by Mon Cherie. All this bright citrus colouring also allowed me to pull out the Zenith colour in the Effect hair by LeLutka. I also pulled out the dividers from the Shaken WinxBox, tinted them for a brighter green and voila!

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A Hybrid New Year – My Attic

a Hybrid NewYear

Meghan 1

Meghan 2

My Attic @ The Deck  Countdown session will end as it turns 2013. One of the awesome releases for this session was the WinxBox – Countdown, that not only works for this New Year but also the next 2 years coming, as the banner includes years past and future. The colours worked so well with the Cassiope Gown from sYs that is also at My Attic, but I decided to make my own hybrid look. First using the top layer of the gown, over a strapless mini from Cynful. I  also added the Lolas Tango breasts to the mix, so that I had a bit more stacked on top, and with the appliers by Cynful it is two quick clicks and you are done….

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Princess – My Attic


While taking pictures I have been listening to Cher on Spotify. If you have never tried Spotify, you really should, because you can listen to just about everything. I have always loved Cher, but it was not until tonight that I realised Bang Bang was actually her song, and Nancy Sinatra covered it. I have been spending a bit of time on the ground this week, meaning the land level at The Deck sim…due to the opening of My Attic for December yesterday. The theme for this session is Countdown, and it has probably been driving Whimsy crazy, because I keep singing out “COUNTDOWN”  – it was a top 40 music interview type show here through the 70’s and 80’s. Here you can see an old old old interview with Michael Jackson, so you can see how we were entertained Down Under as teens.


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