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Vivian Vibrant and Colour

Vivian Solid

ColorMe House of Fox HUD

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I have mentioned in the past how much I love a good hybrid, the mixing of system layers and mesh, to really add extra versatility to an item. This Basic Maxi dress is a fantastic example of that, and you will want as many as you can get your hands on, the style, the colours – the appliers – it all works.  I wanted to show how it can go from a casual daytime look, to a dressier night out style with a few simple items added to the look.

With the help of the lovely mesh denim jacket from Emery that is at this months FaMESHed, the combination mixed with the system layer upper portion of the dress is perfect. Adding a few bits and pieces of your favourite jewellery would add a lot of flavour to the look, but I settled for simple today. I was never into denim jackets when they were a big thing in the 80’s but one of my friends was obsessed, and after wearing this one by Emery, I can understand the attraction after all this time. The sunbrella which is a C88 event item by Yummy, is adorable, and thankfully mod also, seeing as it was a bit oversized to start with, but I made it a little smaller.

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Poncing About

Ponceau 1-horizon


It is rare that I do location pictures, but this beautiful Maxi dress by SySy’s –  for the ongoing Birthday Celebration at FaMESHed – needed to be seen as it would be worn. I love the long flow of the dress, and the soft gradual dye look in the colours, both soft and dark colour packs available. What is really great is the hand drawn flower that SySy hand drew herself, making this not just a beautiful dress, but wearable art. The style is very giving size wise also, even though standard sizes, I was actually able to go down a size, as I usually wear Small up top, but this time XS was wearable and well too.

The jewellery I am wearing with the dress is also from FaMESHed and is the release by Maxi Gossamer, of Gossamer Jewellery who it seems has also gone into clothing creation now, which is exciting news. So check those out. The Jewellery comes with silver or gold options as well as colour choices via clickable menu for the gems.

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Happy Birthday FaMESHed and a Tinting Lesson


Happy Birthday to Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, Happy Birthday to Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu , Happy Birrrthday Dear FaMESSSSSHHHHHHHHEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, Haaaaaapppyyyy Birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy To Yoooooooooooooou. Ok seriously I really did sing it, to make sure I knew where to elongate and stuff. It has definitely been a year to celebrate, as FaMESHed has grown into one of the biggest monthly event on the grid, and congratulations to Cracked Mirror, all that have been part of it, from the beginning and to the current organisers and everyone else involved.

Before I go on about the delights that are part of the FaMESHed celebrations, lets talk shoes for a moment. Mon Tissu has released the NEW Daley T-Strap Heels, and they are a cute mix of in the now fashion wise, with a definite retro influence. They come in some solid and a great selection of two tone colours, which mean you will have lots of fun creating looks to go with them. These are their first feet in shoes style, and I wanted to do this tinting guideline a month ago, but then things got way busy so it was put off, but timing has its moments, and this works out well.

Tinting feet/hands/boobs, that have a join that is not covered with a strap, or some other kind of styling item, often come with BLENDER SOCKS or BLENDER GLOVES….now these items are ever so useful, because the idea is that you match them to your mesh/sculpt items and they transtion into the skin. Now the thing is that often people try to match their attachments first, and then tint the layers to match, that works too, but I find it much easier the opposite way, and you may too.

* Wear Blender sock or glove closest to your tone, or lighter than ( they are usually numbered or named to correspond with preset tones on the HUDs of that item) 

* Go into edit clothing on the item, you can right click in your inventory and choose edit that way.

* Open the tint option and click on the colour editing rainbow with your mouse…rule of thumb is that most skin tones live on the left side, so there is no reason to go anywhere else unless wearing a fantasy skin. 

* Keep trying to find the tone and use the darker and lighter slider if you need to, until your BLENDER layer blends with your skin.

* Once you have the match, look at either the RGB numbers on the HSL numbers on the left side of the tinting pop up, and copy them down, either on a piece of paper :O or type them down. 

* SAVE by Clicking OK and then Save to get out of editing mode on your layers.

* One your HUD you will see either RGB or HSL buttons, or depending on your HUD type, it might have a chat command. In the case of these shoes it has both HSL and RGB. You can toggle between. 

* Make sure you click on the same preset as the colour of BLENDER you used.

* Then using the numbers you wrote/typed down, input those using buttons or chat. 

Voila, you should be matched (this will always depend on what kind of windlight you are using, and also can depend on having atmospheric shaders turned on for the best results. But this is how you use the blender socks/gloves to your advantage )

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Some great things going on and yet to come, the yet to come of course is the Skin Fair about to start March 15th until the 31st, jam packed full of great stores. Today I am featuring LoOmi, this skin Piper is just beautiful. I love the mouth shape, I do wish there was a no teeth option though, but only as an option, because I do think the teeth are adorable too. The make ups are from very natural to vintage sexy, and all in between. I think these are a must have for anyone that really likes a fresh and youthful face, but without looking too young, more fit and fabulous.

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Dark brows for Gorgeous sake


Luria @ The Arcade

Crazy is the name of the jeans I am wearing, and you will be if you don’t go and grab them from this session of  My Attic @ The Deck. I love the stripes on them, especially the narrow pink one at the hips that looks as though a skinny belt has been added to the jeans. They are also fabulous colours wise, and I could not resist pairing them up with this new silk tank by Goucci. Not only is it silky and a less traditional tank style, more of a sleeveless blouse than anything, but that it is slightly narrower than normal, helps it give incredible side boob…so if your man is a fan of yours, then entice and tease him with this. The blouse comes in an array of lovely colours, and it is beautifully made and makes styling with it easy.

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Fruityness – FaMEShed





Amae1- Solids

Amae2 - Duo

I have so much love for the new Amae sandals by Celoe. Not only because the heels on them are killer sexy, but also because of the colours, and the options. Not only do they have 10 beautiful solid colours – I have to admit to you, I actually really like the purple even, and that is a huge thing – but also 8 gorgeous combination duo colours. The HUD also has three metal textures – Silver, Gold, Black – that allow you to change all the metal on the shoes, and it is amazing the difference that the metal change can make. I included pics of all colours and one colour with all the metals, so you could see. With the duos, I also changed the metals to the ones I liked best for my mood at the time.

The silver shines, the gold can enrich and even soften the look, and the black just gives them a funky strong look. I love it. I wanted to show different looks with them, because at first glance its RAWR, but then I realised in the biscotti, that they turned into a gladiator sandal look, which was awesome.

The first pic is to show off some fruityness, the citrus colours of the Zesty and Tang, come together in the one shoe. I love them as stand alone colours, but together, YUM! I was so lucky to be able to find the right yellow in this really cute lingerie set by Mon Cherie. All this bright citrus colouring also allowed me to pull out the Zenith colour in the Effect hair by LeLutka. I also pulled out the dividers from the Shaken WinxBox, tinted them for a brighter green and voila!

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Charlie Girl – FaMESHed, TDRF


When I hear the name Charlie, I always think of the fragrance. It was such a big deal when I was little. The promotions were always beautiful ladies, most often in pants and a dressy kind of top, and it was always a one image kind of ‘This Girl can do it all!” kind of thing. These new Charlie items by Rebel Hope bring back those images so well. The pants are lovely tailored flat front pants, with this delightful 3/4 sleeve knit sweater, with a great oversized collar.

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Strolling – FaMESHed, Collabor88


It is already the second for me, but I can imagine some heads are hurting all over the world right now. The beginning of the month; means it is the start of another round of FaMESHed. Today I am wearing adorable beanie hat/hair by Wasabi Pills, that has a HUD Control for the buttons, the stitches and the beanie itself…so you get to coordinate with your outfit. The necklace – also at FaMESHed – is the full combo of necklaces based on anukaa beads and Ethiopian cross styled jewellery. The beautiful set by Gossamer Jewellery also comprises of many options of wear, giving you strand types as well as earrings – not shown due to length of hair.

The dress I am wearing – by Ingenue – is at Collabor88/December, that is winding down in the next week, so if you haven’t gone back for more of the goodies, take the time now. It is a very simple tunic style dress, but it is the simplicity that makes it so beautiful. The colours available are based on the frost theme of this month, and the length if flirty and fun. The style doe allow for ease of wear over pants, or leggings if you want a warmer look.

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Red Rum



Sky Loft

First thing I have to do today, is apologise to Mel. In all my trying to make sure that his eyes were not my eyes, and changing the colours etc…I forgot the more important thing. The most important thing of course, was to make sure I was not still wearing my girly girl brow shape lol. When I showed him my post of the Mens Belleza skins, he said it was very peculiar that he somehow looked like me, he of course likes to rib me at every and any opportunity, but I made loud exclamations of “NO WAY” and then he let me know my brows were still MY brows. So Mel my handsome thick browed Man, I love you, and I am sorry I made you look girly browed. This just of course gives you more of a reason to go over to Belleza and try all the male skins on yourself, with your Manly brows.

A day or so ago – time is lost on me these days – Whimsy and I went over to Scarlet Creative, as she is having a huge SALE. The SALE actually ends today, so you need to get over there fast. You will also need some time, because you will be going through two of  the rezzers and wanting to snatch up pretty much everything in sight. Be aware though, the stuff in the rezzer is much older, and has a huge prim count in most cases, so even though they are reduced to an incredible 50L if you do not have the prim budget you will find yourself in trouble. But I highly recommend buying up lots of them, because they are great to even pull apart and use for backgrounds etc. As well as the rezzer items, there are some newer less prims houses/builds for SALE prices as well. They are in the 250L price range, be very sure though when buying, because I did notice that one or two of them had both pay and buy options, and one is not sale priced…

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A – Line Girls – Collabor88, My Attic, FaMESHed

A-Line Girls


We haven’t done a collaboration post in such a long time, and we had been talking about doing so for ages. Originally we were supposed to do one with Anessa as well, and we definitely will do that soon, but as she was busy we decided that doing a post on her latest A-Line skirts by DCNY was like having her there in spirit. The background item in the shot is an amazing belted shelf by Pilot. The belted idea is so brilliant, and I can seriously see DIY nuts from all over, re purposing their leather in such an attractive way. The shelf is available at FaMESHed, and there is only a day or so left to get it there. I was, up until last night a FaMESHed blogger, but with so many commitments to other things, I did not feel I was posting on them enough per month, so I removed myself. I hope that by doing so, and leaving the guilt baggage behind, I can really focus on mixing them in a lot more often. I even made a spread sheet last night with names of as many stores as I could think of, as well as events, so that I can be sure I am spreading my blogging around more. I never thought I would have to do that, but definitely gone are the days when we waited weeks, sometimes months for releases – and I for one am so glad of this, yay for creativity being so plentiful in Second Life.

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