Tic Tac Joey

Tic Tac Joey

Whimsy and I were running around Second Life, because it is Friday, and we tend to join everyone doing that. I wanted to take some pics on location, just for giggles, but Whimsy crashed too many times, and made me need to go to the bathroom once she used a voice changer and talked like a chipmunk on speed for ten minutes.

Then we finally got to D.Lab and honestly that place has never changed from being the one store that can make you lose yourself in the wonderment of fun things you can have in Second Life. D.Lab creator has such a lovely mind when it comes to creating, his items are fun and carefree, and childlike in their adorableness. I fell in love instantly at the Giraffe at the door, but it was the Kangaroo and baby included or without that was also a must have for me….


Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com .



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