Not a Good Friday a GREAT Friday – Maitreya & More

Boyfriend Torn

Boyfriend Slim

Maitreya Belt

Boyfriend Torn 3

Boyfriend Torn 2

Boyfriend Slim2

Boyfriend Slim 3

It is not only Good Friday today, but a GREAT Friday. Maitreya is about to release some great items later today – I am just posting a few of them, a sneak peak for you all – and the excitement for many is that their NEW Laud Boots for Maitreya Gold, also have a Slink Add on version for the Slink High Feet. This is great news for those that are very attached to their feet and appliers. I must say for me also seeing something of my own worn with a Maitreya item made me very happy. Now I can wear my Flair nails with these gorgeous boots.

Other huge news for Maitreya fans, is that the version with their own beautiful feet has a NEW HUD. Not only does it have the skin tones and options for tinting we have had much practice using over the years, but also a new web-based system, with an easy to use function. Strawberry Singh did a post on it HERE . These boots are fabulous, and the attention to detailing is just wonderful. I love the oversized buckle at the back, I may or may not have demanded in Sasy fashion that we get pants, bags, boots, jacket and such with the same detailing…most likely Onyx and Beau considered adding a mouth buckle to that especially for me.

Then on top of all the visible detailing of zipper sides and tassle, the buckle back and open heel and toe options, there is also colour change options within the hud activated menus. If you buy the Fatpack and why not, then you have everything mix and match and change around. If you purchase a single colour, you still get the option to change the heels and soles, as well as outersoles. This gives you dozens of options and is a great deal.

Now I did think that the greatness was going to end there, but NO! For fans of the denim items that Maitreya have done in the past, these are going to make you squeel. Not only have they made NEW Boyfriend jeans, but there are TWO different types. The first type are looser fit, with tears in the denim, so well done that you do not get any alpha issues because they made sure to only face that area.  The tears and mending is wonderful, and I love that all the creases and the looser fit at the back are actually all modeled not just texture.

Because of the loose fit, they are a little longer than the second option, which is a Boyfriend Slim fit. These have no tears, and are so lovely, in 8 great colours – the looser fit also come in the 8 colours – I am torn literally between love for both styles…but I do think the torn versions the looser fit will get a lot more wear from me.

Then on top of all that, lol these are just going to keep on giving, you have a BELT! What a belt it is too. The belt is created only for wear with the jeans, but you can of course also wear the jeans without. The belt comes with a texture change hud that gives you 16 different colours, the belt is just gorgeous, and I could not resist wearing the yellow first……


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