Ready for Tennis


HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAJSA LILLIEHOOK ! A special day for an equally special lady. One of the most beautiful and admirable Women in Second Life…I hope you have a marvelous day ♥

This post has been sitting waiting to be done for over a week, I am not sure how that happened, I was so excited to be ahead of myself and then BOOM! everything just blew up. I have been busy though, not just slacking off. I worked hard with Whimsy Winx on getting our Pose Fair items set up and ready for people to enjoy. As well as setting up Flair at Cosmetics Fair, everything is happening this week.

If you want a sneak peak at what Whimsy and I made, you can see them here and here. As well as my Flair items here.

If you didn’t know already, Ploom has decided to separate her skins into a new brand called Paper Rabbit, which is exciting and such a cute name. She currently has her Visage appliers and skins set up at Slink West, and finally just released an add on eye make up applier set yesterday, so if you already have the lovely willow skin and appliers for the Slink Visage head, then run over, because she is beautiful.

I had some wonderful customer service over a week ago now, with the release of these adorable shorts and cami top by Mimikri. I ran over as soon as I saw the release, because it is just a stunning ensemble, and there are some really vivid print options as well. So I went to demo them, and SHOCK HORROR! No XXS in the sizes. I was mortified, now I am not tiny, and I didn’t go making radical changes to my shape when standard sizing came about, I was blessed, but I am xxs in pants and skirts and S in anything up top, depending on the style, sometimes xs is fine also. But pants wise, I cannot wear anything bigger than xxs unless high waisted…


Click HERE to read more at .



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