Art upon a wall

Art against the Wall 2

Art against the Wall

Art against the Wall 3

Art against the Wall 4

So while we were on this huge shopping jaunt – this story will end eventually I promise – We met up with Cajsa and ran around the builds at Fanatik. I wanted us to no longer Platform Dwell, as many of us tend to do that in Second Life. Rez a floor in the air, and thats about it, then rez everything as we need it, unpack boxes and bags, and leave junk everywhere…or at least that’s what happens with Whimsy and myself. The only clean areas are our VR Studios.

I didn’t want a homey house, not for our shared space, it needed to be big, and spacious, but also have areas we could work either together or separate. We went back and forth, Cajsa, Whimsy and I, up and down levels in the sky and finally found the perfect build. It’s huge, and everything we need…we have an office that we share, areas for meetings for Hair Fair and the like, as well as comfy socialising areas, which you can see one of in the pictures. Whimsy made sure we had the seating halfway between her VR Studio space, and my VR Studio space, so that we could talk to our friends that come over for a visit. So far we have been really sociable, and it has been lovely.

The entrance area is huge, and long, and I really needed to break that up somehow, so with the help of the Taylor Screens from The Loft, I made them larger and they became artistic partitions. Once you make them bigger they will grown in LI, so be aware that if you do have a budget, you cannot always do such things with mesh. Other great things about the Taylor set from The Loft, is those great wall lights, they are not part of the build, but part of the set, and fit right in with the remodeled warehouse feel of the building. I love when you can easily combine items and creators in that way.

As you can see from the final pic as I sit all fancy on this wonderful sofa by Pilot, that is also a Collabor88 item…I have my VR Studio set up behind me. Now I cannot show you it all just yet, as the NEW Backdrop is going to be released at Pose Fair 2014, but there are some great changes, and its an update for all you already wise VR Studio users. I am so excited, as I got to play around with it a little earlier today and am so looking forward to the full release. The VR Foundry store is right next to W.Winx and Flair at Pose Fair, so you can visit us both at the same time….


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