Playing Up

Play Me

Playful is the theme of this round of My Attic, so a playsuit by Has Been is the perfect outfit released by Has Been. Has Been was only on MP for a short while, but now has an in world location, and is part of this round of My Attic. The playsuit is HUD controlled, you get to choose what colour shorts, and what colour top portion of the suit. I love the polka dots, but really wish that solid was also an option for the top as well. The Belt is a great addition, and it’s a separate piece, so you can use it for other outfits easily.

The shoes I am wearing are add ons for the Slink Mid feet, and are at this session of C88 by has been creating lots of great add on footwear for the feet, and my favourite feature of them is that they look like ankle boots with the main parts cut out, leaving nice lines. Because of the closed in toes of the shoes, you could also wear these with some great stockings…something with more polka dots would be fun….


Click HERE to read more at .



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