Think Pink

Izzie from the Block

I had a race with Gidge Uriza for this pink look today, it was a race I made up in my head though, she wasn’t aware it was happening. But when an item has the name Pash in the title it is all mine. To Pash in Australia is to have a nice long kissing session, the kind that gives you a sore face for days because usually it has gone into the early hours of the morning and by then 3am stubble has occured and his kissing is starting to take on sandpaper form, but if its a good Pash WHO THE HELL CARES!

Lacuna Inc made these incredible colour block Maxi skirts and tanks for My Attic. I love the colour block ones, but you also get an additional solid colour in the set, during the event. The colour block combinations are gorgeous, I can see people loving them well past spring and into the summer months, they look amazing with all sorts of tops, not just the cross back tank, sold in the three packs of the block colours as well for a special price for My Attic….


Click HERE to read more at .



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