Visage Ellie

Visage Emma - Ellie

Such a HUGE start to the weekend. Slink has been enticing us all with Visage sneak peaks over the past weeks, and they produced with not only one head, but two fantastic mesh heads. Emma was the head all the trailers showed, and then out of nowhere we got Becky as well. The options are amazing, and will grow and grow further as more skin creators join the existing in creating appliers for these wonderful heads. More heads are also coming in the future, and another great thing is that all appliers will work on either, and all future heads.

So far I have seen some beautiful posts on the heads, and one stand out post so far is from the lovely Grazia Horwitz, who goes into detail on the appliers huds already created by other stores HERE. I am actually cheating by wearing a yet to be released Adam n Eve applier set and skin called Ellie. Ellie is beautiful and comes with the base skin, cleavage options. The lolas appliers, phat azz and Slink appliers are an add on pack you can purchase if you have those things. It will be released at the upcoming Skin Fair that starts very soon, so look out for the Adam n Eve booth there….

Click HERE to read more at .



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