More than a Memory

More than a Memory


“Really Big Ostentasious Ring” should be a category in Marketplace, but I didn’t need search, I knew exactly what store to hit up, and that was Paper Couture. Regardless of age, sculpts, prims, or mesh, the Paper Couture collections hold up over many years past, and will for many more in the future. This ring is just beautiful and when dressing up in such a manner, I need the ring to pull it together.

The gown and shoes I am wearing today, are part of a huge collection of Bridal wear by MiaMai, and honestly, these are the kinds of collections that make you want to organise a big and beautiful event for someone, but SySy won’t let me throw her and her RL husband a wedding…mean right? It is rare for me to pull out all the purple, but this gown was well worth it, and as soon as I saw it on I knew it would go with one of my more recent sets of nails for Flair, one of my favourite sets of simple subdued colours, and they really look beautiful together….

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