Blogger, Blogga! Bloggrrr

Blogger Blogga Bloggrrr

In the 8 years I have been an Second Life Resident, only a few months of that time was I not blogging. I didn’t start out Fashion Blogging right away, I actually didn’t know that existed as a thing until I was already in world 4 months, but I was blogging pretty regularly on my own blog. Then I discovered ‘Appearance Mode” I have told this story a few times, and how I had so much inventory from shopping everyday and working, that I started blogging daily.

If you think I am wordy now, there are older residents that can attest that how I blog now is barely a blurb by comparison. I loved it, was incredibly passionate about it, and looked at it as a way to contribute to this amazing community.

This post is a rant, a big one that has been festering for months. I have spoken about it with Cajsa, and Gidge, as well as Gogo and Whimsy – pretty much daily with Whimsy. As much as I would get my rant on, I never actually wanted to post it. I never thought I would ever do a post about people that blog in a negative at all.

Notice that I said ‘People that blog” and not ‘Bloggers” in that sentence. That is pretty much the point of this post….

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