21 Shoe started last month and enjoyed resounding praise for this one day a month event. You have 24 hours on the 21st of each month to get your hands – or in this case FEET – on the EXCLUSIVE items, in a 2 for 1 promotion. Each store involved, and they do change, will have out 2 shoes, either the same style or differing, in exclusive colours or styles that wont be sold again in that way.

Slinks items for this coming Friday are these stunning Siren Stilettos. Not only is the shoe NEW and so sexy, but the exclusivity is in the amazing Silver and Gold Glitter options. I could weep that these won’t be available afterwards in these colours, so do not dilly dally, or think you can get them another time, because you won’t be able to. They will come out in other colours at regular pricing, but this is not only a bargain, but MUST HAVES in the silver and gold. They only work with the HIGH feet from slink, as they are add on shoes, but that of course means you can also wear all the other high feet add ons, not only at this event, but in stores all over that are creating for them. If you want a closer up pic of the two colours, you can see them HERE ….

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