Delightful Mystery






With this amazing Special Edition of skin by Pink Fuel, I felt very mysterious and empowered today. The skin is definitely a more mature skin than usual for Pink Fuel fans, and the raised eyebrows are just stunning, adding that touch of sexuality to the whole look. The eye-shadows are beautiful and rich, with the pouty lipsticks that we have come to love with other skin in the range. This skin is super loaded as well, so many incredible appliers options, from Slink to Apple May baby bumps, so if you are an extras kind of lady, this is a must have sneak peak at the upcoming release of this skin line in full at the upcoming Skin Fair, in March.

When feeling this sexy and mysterious, there is a definite ‘go to’ item in every ladies wardrobe. The trench-coat, and this one by Erratic does not let us down. Amazing detailing on the fabric choice, with a almost quilted looking sleeve, and amazing detailing, with the tied belt and double breasted buttons. I especially like the unbuttoned bottom button, as without that you would find it very hard taking long sexy strides in this coat. Mind you, remember to be cautious of how you sit, as one would suggest in this mood, there may not be a lot you have on underneath, so be sure to sit ladylike wont you….

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