Cosmic Candy

Cosmic Candy

The other day we spent hours in space, by we I mean Whimsy Winx, SySy Chapman, Kavar Cleanslate and myself…oh and some freaky Alien dude. Whimsy in her usual fashion, constructed a great mix of a space scene, with the records we created for the Pop Music WinxBox. So we spent literally hours, dancing and chatting while Whimsy made a video, that you can see here on her blog Virtually Dressed.

Ever since the release of these fantastic thigh high boots from Maitreya for Collabor88, I have been swapping colours and pretty much wearing just them and a bikini – yes just a bikini, I have a Boom one I wear all the time under everything, just in case alpha and mesh doesn’t load. It also makes me very lazy. We were busy all week making the NEW W.Winx and Flair Candy Hearts set though, you can see that HERE. So we have to deprim when working with poses, so that is my excuse….

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