Whimsy Tagged Me


Sometimes I think you think I exaggerate about the Whimsy Winx of naughtiness. I got an IM last week from Sofia, asking what the huge glowing boxes were all over the studio. So I had to explain to Whimsy that she has to stop trying to grief me, as I am not the only one using the area lol. So two days ago I log in to my studio and my work area TAGGED!

Seriously as I have said before, if she put as much effort into things that she does on being naughty with me, it would be a greater world. She just landed as I am typing this, and she doesn’t speak, just photo bombs me, not knowing HA I have already done my pics. But now she is taking ‘Selfies’ beside me. The most entertaining person ever she is….

Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com .



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