Blissful Walking



One of the new participants in the most recent Hair Fair, was Deco, and it was great to see their creations, and their booth style. I fell instantly in love with two of their styles, one was for men, and had a beard, but I loved it. The other style was the one I am wearing today, Bobby. This style is just perfect with everything I am wearing, and the stray hair across the front of the face just adds so much appeal to this wintry look.

Collabor88 opened yesterday, and wow at the incredible warmness spreading joy across Second Life. The first time at the event, is Maitreya, and what a way to kick off the year, with this oversized coat and panel leggings. The coat has shorter sleeve options or extensions, I think that they are a lot of fun, because you can mix and match with various other coat colours, or even wear the extensions with other items. I went matchy though with this look, and pulled out an old favourite turtleneck Savoir from Maitreya to slip into underneath…..

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