When I was little no one explained to me what an advent Calendar was. I got one as a gift, and proceeded to eat all the chocolates in one day, and got a terrible tummyache. I actually never got one again after that. It wasn’t until Second Life really that I got to understand the concept of them. A small gift a day for the 25 days until Christmas. Seems like a lot of spoiling to me, but then I was spoiled at Christmas by my Mummy anyway.

This year, we are being spoiled by Trompe Loeil in a novel way. This months The Arcade is full of beautiful items, but this Advent Calendar is its own piece of art, decoratively speaking. The Calendar is actually free at the front of the Gatcha machine, and then you play for keys. The keys must be rezzed on the ground near the tree and by doing so, the tree unlocks a door and you will see a miniature gift, and then that gift is sent to you life sized. The first being this beautiful Recycled Wood photoframe. It is really lovely, and each play on the machine is only 25L, so however many keys you get, you can swap doubles with friends to get them all….

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