Boom Boom Room

Boom Boom Room

League Hud

Shoetopia is almost coming to an end, so is My Attic for another session. While good things come to an end, it leaves the way for New things to begin. The Arcade is going to start on the 1st of December, and so is the Stuff in My Inventory HUNT that I am participating in with Flair.

The last total I saw so far for Shoetopia was over 5000USD, which is an incredible effort, and there are still days to shop for all the wonderful shoes created for this event. I have been unable to blog as much as I wanted to, because I had mouse issues, and honestly, as much as we know we use our mouse in the day to day functions of computer use, it really is astounding how complicated things can get when they malfunction. I was able to get a new one today though, a snazzy 7 button mouse, not that I need that many anymore, as I haven’t been gaming for a long time, but one never knows.

I was aching to blog these boots since day one of the event. I got caught up though, and really wanted to create another look that while winterish, wasn’t exactly snow overload. I think I found a nice in between, kind of a punked out wintery look, with the great boots by League, that if you have not fatpacked these, you are insane. The HUD for the fatpack has so many combinations of awesome, that you can go on for days and days, they will definitely see you through this winter and beyond.

Tucked into them are the leather leggings from Tres Blah and a really old top from BOOM. Finishing off the look is this great vest from Pink Outfitters – House of London, that is at My Attic. Only two days left of that too, so don’t miss out on everything there being only 95L. The skin I am wearing is also at My Attic, and not only do you get the skin in all sorts of combinations of brows and cleavages, but also appliers for Hands, Feet, Lolas and Lush breasts…all for only 95L its a STEAL!.

In other news, if you cannot hold out until the HUNT, then run over to Flair and make the most of the last day of the 50% OFF Everything SALE I am having, you will also find a FREE set of Nails in the My Attic subscriber when you join, even if you had joined in the past, please do again, because I accidentally wiped it all.

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