Stepford Samantha


Join Stop


Now before I start with the fashion, I wanted to point out a feature in Firestorm that I have only just seen in the Beta viewer for the first time. This may not be new, or it may only be in the beta, and a planned option, but if not look for it, because it is probably one of the most important options in there.

You can see from the image where it is in preferences (Ctrl P) and it will ensure that no scammers can con you out of your lindens. During this years Hair Fair and reportedly other events in the past few months, people have made groups that charge a few hundred lindens to join. They are spamming people at laggy events with them, so when the person is trying to remove the invites, or accept items they have purchased, they can end up losing money. So please for your own sake check the box, and don’t let them take advantage, and tell everyone you know to do this too. 

Now on to the Fashion…

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