Ciao Bella, Ciao Bella, Ciao Ciao Ciao

Candy Kitty

Vera 1

Vera 2

Candy Apple 1

Candy Apple 2

Candy Apple 3

Candy Apple 5

Candy Apple 5

Candy Apple 6

I have been humming that song all day, the title one, not sure why. Usually I end with a skin, but today with this recent release of Vera by Glam Affair, I had to start with it. There is not one make up that is not just perfection for this skin. Usually I tend to like a little bit more maturity in the face, but this younger look has a lovely look about it, that can be both innocent, or not so, as the case may be. If looking for a new default skin, this is definitely one to look at, I might have to wear it around for awhile myself. There are many eyebrow colour options, the make ups as mentioned are stunning, but also you get the clean look for a day time look. There are also three additional lip shapes with a bare base, and freckles and extra noses, you know, for when you need a spare to smell lots of things :P.

Next is the Hair, a NEW release by Exile, and not just NEW styles, but new textures and options on top of those. The choices are fantastic, and everything seems just softer and more sensual as far as sexy hairstyles go. For those that loved American Woman, Hollywood Nights is going to be a firm favourite. Gogo has done a post showing the hud, plus she is showing off some new vivid colours, so go on over and visit her for a bit @ JuicyBomb.  Had I known before spending hours taking lagtastic photos that we would be in the same hair, I may have changed to show one of the other great styles, but seriously I just loved this one as soon as it was on my head, I haven’t even put on the rest, just oggled the pictures….

Click HERE to read more at .



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