Posh Sugar

Sugar Baby




Second Life can get so immersive that time just flies, that is how it has been the last few weeks for me. With such beautiful events taking place, and so many wonderful things going on, I felt like a spectator. Collabor88 has been going on for the majority of the month already and this theme with it being falling into fall inspired is a lovely one.

SySy’s first time – and hopefully many more times to come –  in this event, and the Chemise dress is just perfect for lovely autumn days. It will probably surprise her that I opted to blog in the pink, as the red and white, and navy and white are definitely my firm favourites. But I was remembering how pink the ad for this great hair from Exile – for My Attic – was, and I wanted to be sugar sweet too. Of course I ended up going with a combination blue and pink look that is fun. The stripes on the dress matched perfectly with my new toeless leggings I made for Flair.

Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com .



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