Set 129 - Flair

Whimsy Winx loves Rocks. It isn’t code for anything, it is a fact, she genuinely loves all things that have to do with land development in Second Life. To be honest I do get as excited a lot of the time when I do come across great items that help in that way, but nothing compared to the cartwheels and high jumps of Whimsy.

The reason behind this insight into Whimsy you ask ? well it is because of the rocks behind me. They were a birthday present to her that I got her this year,…don’t worry she also got an amazing house with waterfall, pool two stories and a bridge lol. But it was the rocks she made the most noise about. She often will make little spaces so that she has them set aside for taking pics. Most of the time they sit there until we do a clean up, but today I just dragged one to my side of the platform and edited it to the size I wanted the rocks and use it as my own backdrop today….

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