Cora All

It’s The Arcade time again, wooooahhhhh – sung to the tune of ‘It’s Raining again by Supertramp – ok now that I have that out of my system, lets move on shall we. There are some incredible items that have been created from many wonderful designers, and showcased at this month long event. This is a Gatcha event, so that means it is like a Lucky Dip concept, which means having a go on the machines means you will get a random item. If you are after a specific item then the suggestions for that would be to join The Arcade group and arrange to trade with other members. It really is fun when done the right way, and so many friends love trading with eachother, and often just playing one to get a special  gift for someone that really wants a specific item is a nice thing too, but limit how many times you try on doing that, because you don’t want to go overboard.

The lamp I am standing against in this image is actually one of the items from The Arcade. It is by Trompe Loeil, and honestly the assortment of lamps you can collect are beautiful. This one really stood out, not only because of the fantastic recycled look to it, but it also has projector lighting included. I did add extra lighting with shadows and of course in PS but it does create a wonderful option and is modify, so if you select the prims that have the lighting you can modify the settings to get the effect you want….

Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com .



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