Bunny See Bunny Do


Sometimes I do pile-ups, which are when you take someone elses picture that has added it to a pile up pool, and then make changes to it, and reupload it. I found that long ago, I was unable to do that kind of work to my own pics, because I was always worried about over editing. Things have changed a lot in blogging since then, but I definitely found it easier to think outside the box on other peoples images than my own. It helped me learn a lot more about photoshop, so I highly recommend it. If you search Pile Ups in Flickr, you will find pools of pictures you can play with. I suggest using a white background if you are submitting one, because if people are new to editing, green screen can be really hard and intimidating for some people.

Anyway today I kind of felt like editing a bit, and I had some great things to blog, so this time I decided to pile up my own picture – original here , which I guess doesn’t really count as a pile up, but as it was shot on white, and the background and floor is all hand made in PS, then I am making it the same. The fantastic chair is from Tableau Vivant and part of this months Collabor88 Birthday Celebration edition. There is also a Stag version, but the bunny just had an adorable and sexy look to it. It also has a HUD option so that you can change the textures on the cushion and the wood.

Click HERE to read more at Sasypants.com .



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