Hair Fair 2013 – INK

Hair Fair 2013 - Ink

Admiral Add Ons

Flair - set 57

I had some fantastic customers service today. While I cannot honestly say that this should be something customers should expect all the time, it was nice to have it happen. I bought the top I am wearing and because of the sleeve length it bit into the join of my Slink Hands, now this is of course in no way the designers fault, as it is clothing layers, and that is going to happen. But I took a gamble after the purchase, as I had put it on straight away, and I messaged the creator and asked if it was possible to get a modify version so that I could shorten the arms a smidge, as I could always edit them in PS for my pics, but I really wanted to be able to wear it off the pose stand too. I said all this in my IM, and again this was in no way a fault of the item, as mesh hands are still quite a unique thing. The creator of the CandyDoll store sent me back the item with modify options within the hour, which was just wonderful and so appreciated. Again, not something to expect to happen, but in this case it was really awesome….

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