Hair Fair 2013 – Vanity Hair & Love Donna Flora ( we do )

Hair Fair 2013 - Sonata

Hair Fair 2013 - Fantastic GIrls

Hair Fair 2013 - Boys will be Boys

Boudoir Heels - LDF

Flair - set 110

On the 25th of July, a HUGE event is about to start. This is one of those times when I love being a Second Life resident, more so than the usual love I have daily already. Squinternet Larnia the Designer behind the brand Donna Flora is sick, terminally sick…and her good friend Cajsa Lilliehook got in touch with her and wanted to be able to do a fundraiser to help her with the medical expenses and what not building up at this horrible time.

Within days over a 100 people put up their hands to help with the effort and on the 25th an absolutely stunning sim (Created by Felicity Blumenthall) will open its doors to the public, where all items have a donation script inside them. Most of the items will be donating 100% and the items I have seen so far are just wonderful. Whimsy and I also did something for the event, I did a set of nails from Flair and then W.Winx and Flair did a Nautical Version of the recent Tropical Escape set, as we had wanted to do one from the start, and decided we would love to make it for this event, and both items are donating 100% so I hope you stop by and grab them. You can get up to the moment information on the Love Donna Flora Event Blog HERE….

Click HERE to read more at .



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