Hair Fair 2013 – Tableau Vivant

Hair Fair 2013 - Scarborough

Hair Fair 2013 - Boccaccio

Hair Fair 2013 - Teichmann

Flair - set 56

Hair Fair 2013 Join Us banner

For all the Scarboroughs out there, I am joyful about this great NEW Hair Fair hair from Tableau Vivant. I love my last name, and sure everyone has a thing or two to say about the resident last name, and I do wish that they did give residents the chance to take on a last name, even if a month in, seeing as LL decided it was too hard for them on start up o.O. But it is things like this, where even though last names are used, you know who the honor is given to.

The style itself is glorious and the other two worn, are just as equally delightful. I did not show all the styles on offer, because you definitely need to get in there yourself and choose, because they are wonderful, and watching Tableau Vivant take on their first ever Hair Fair has been a great site to see. They are relatively new in the overall hair making scene, but have grown in leaps and bounds, and only have more to offer, so start collecting now….

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