Hair Fair 2013 – Red Mint

RedMint 1 - Hair Fair 2013

RedMint 15 - Hair Fair 2013

RedMint 14 - Hair Fair 2013

RedMint 13 - Hair Fair 2013

Hair Fair 2013 Join Us banner

As I mentioned yesterday, the booths at Hair Fair this year have been decorated beautifully. One of my favourites in the past two years is the Red Mint booth. Their hairstyles this year also are just fabulous and fun. Adding to that the adorable fairy wearable from MishMish at Collabor88 and you have a whimsical look that is just wonderful.

I decided to sit in the dreamers tree by, that is part of this months C88. The tree has a fortstyle bed setting, with fairy lights and a long ladder up to that level. It comes with animations included, and it makes for a really lovely tranquil environment. I really like the fact that it has with and without lights options, but more so that it has no leaves. The bare branches mean that it can fit snuggly amongst other trees, or just have this great bare look….

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